Matías Viña: “Against River you don’t have to relax, you have to keep working”

Matías Viña: "Against River you don't have to relax, you have to keep working"

Matías Viña spoke on Wednesday about the 3-0 victory of Palmeiras before River as a visitor in the first leg of the CONMEBOL Libertadores semifinals. The left-back assured that his team must continue working and not rely on the advantage obtained against the cast of Marcelo Gallardo; The Uruguayan also explained how much he has grown in these eleven months that he has been in Brazilian football.

The 23-year-old footballer commented on the program ‘Sport & Show’ (Radio Sport 890): “We are happy to be where we are in the Cup and also for the result that occurred, but it is not to relax in the face of the rematch, we have to keep working, there are 90 minutes left.”

Viña scored 3-0 for the São Paulo team in the 62nd minute. Regarding his goal, the second in this edition of the Cup, he stated: “Luckily I was able to convert, it is not my role but it is something nice because it gives confidence to help the team and it makes me happy. Regarding the play, we have already been working for almost a month many quiet ball plays and that was one of them, the possibility of executing it had not been given and it happened this Tuesday and it went well; that makes you happy for the group and for the work behind it ”.7

Regarding the match, the Uruguayan indicated: “I think River has been showing its game for a long time, we made a proposal, it came out in a good way and we were able to convert. Scoring three goals is important and more playing as a visitor but it is not closed at all, we must continue working with seriousness and humility that there are 90 minutes left “.

The one born in Empalme Olmos highlighted how much he has grown since his arrival in Brazilian football: “I think I have realized my evolution in the defensive part, in that aspect I grew a lot because it was a deficit that I had; I was going a lot on the attack but it was difficult for me to go backwards, that had to improve and I am doing it ”.

“Before I was going to attack all the time, maybe I didn’t have space to go up and I would go up the same and take the ball with me; Now if I don’t have the space to go, I prioritize occupying other spaces, being more supportive, in Nacional it was more vertical, these are things that I have learned this year, ”said Viña, who arrived in Palmeiras on February 1, 2020.

For this adaptation, the shock he had with the intensity of Brazilian football was also important: “At first the rhythm issue cost me, I wanted to do the same thing I did in Uruguayan football and I did not have the physicality to finish the games. I was learning that I did not have to go in all the plays, in some try to be support; when I began to realize these things, I began to distribute my physical potential better and luckily I can be much better today, “he said.

Viña, who made his debut in the National First Division in January 2017 and currently occupies the left back of the Uruguayan National Team directed by Óscar Tabárez, was asked if he imagines being champion of the Libertadores: “The illusion has been since the start of the Cup, all teams have the illusion of being champion; Obviously that illusion grows as you go through the phase; You have to be excited but calm because you have to keep working, to go to the final there are 90 minutes left, we must be prepared for the situations that arise ”.

Finally, the Uruguayan stressed that now the team must work in the best way to be well prepared for the rematch match, which will be played next Tuesday at 9:30 p.m. at the Allianz Parque de Palmeiras and that it can allow Viña play the final of the Libertadores in the Maracana on January 30, just two days before the year of his arrival in Brazilian football.

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