Mauricio Sulaimán responds to Haney’s disagreement about who is the true WBC lightweight champion

Devin Haney, campeón ligero del CMB

Mauricio Sulaiman responded to the disagreement that has been expressed Devin Haney, who said that Teofimo Lopez cannot be called undisputed champion because Haney is the regular champion of CMB.

“I do not care about that, I do not mind entering to debate between what one said, and the other responded,” he said, “he said. Sulaiman in interview for Social Boxing. “I have no problem (in calling Teófimo López undisputed champion). We have been very clear with each part, with each boxer. And if you want to ignore that CMB recognizes a franchise champion, then that’s his problem. “

Sulaiman He expressed his feelings towards the claims that have made him that having three champions in the same division makes the title cheaper.

“Whether it is a fan, the media, a boxer, coach or promoter, whoever wants to ignore it and can stay in the classical era and in the stone era,” he said. Sulaiman. “We are the organization that revolutionized sport to bring it to a new era, to the current times”,

Since the end of 2020 there has been controversy over the designation of franchise champion that was made to Vasyl Lomachenko. When the Ukrainian was elevated to franchise champion, Devin Haney he stayed with the regular championship of CMB. Later, Teofimo Lopez defeated Lomachenko and kept his titles, including the franchise title of the CMB. That’s why now Sulaiman recognize Theophimus as undisputed champion, despite the fact that there is a regular champion of the body.

Haney has expressed its dissatisfaction in this regard. Even, Haney does not recognize Theophimus as undisputed champion.

Devin Haney He is a tremendous fighter, I am very proud, I am very close to him, “he said. Sulaiman about the disagreement of Haney. “He CMB She has supported him since before he turned pro. I knew him when he was an amateur, we greeted each other when he was an amateur and we wanted to support him. Through the CMB He has won millions of dollars, if for you that is a problem, and if for you that is doing damage to boxing, when the fighter earns millions of dollars every time he steps into the ring, that’s fine. If they are going to blame me for that, I accept it ”.

“What matters for boxers is to earn money when they get into the ring, to be able to provide for their families and be able to do different things and obtain sponsors and be on social networks,” concluded the manager.

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