Facundo Campazo in the NBA: results, statistics and when he plays again in Denver

Jugar en Navidad, la costumbre a la que Campazzo se tendrá que adaptar en la NBA

After two seasons without the presence of Argentines in the NBA, Cordovan point guard Facundo Campazzo landed in the Denver Nuggets and began to display his magic in the best league in the world. The Argentine number 13 to arrive in the US league arrived with a bag full of scrolls after his steps through Real Madrid, Murcia and Peñarol, in addition to being one of the leaders of the Argentine National Team. I followed Facu’s career in the NBA step by step during the 2020-2021 season.

Denver’s next five games

1/9/2021 17.00 Denver vs Philadelphia (Wells Fargo Center)

10/1/2021 18.00 Denver vs. New York (Madison Square Garden)

1/12/2021 21.30 Denver vs. Brooklyn (Barclays Center)

1/14/2021 22.00 Denver vs. Golden State (Ball Arena)

1/17/2021 20.00 Denver vs. Utah (Ball Arena)

1/7/2021 Denver Nuggets 117-124 Dallas Mavericks

For the first time this season, Facundo Campazzo stayed on the substitute bench and did not play for a minute. Michael Malone, Denver coach, explained why the Cordovan did not see action: “He did not go in because they played tall, so we did too.”

1/5/2021 Denver Nuggets 123-116 Minnesota Timberwolves

Again against Minnesota and again a lot of minutes on the court for Facundo Campazzo: 25 (the maximum so far). The Cordovan finished with 11 points (0-3 in triples, 3-4 in doubles and 5-7 in free practice), one rebound, two assists and four personal fouls.

1/3/2021 Denver Nuggets 124-109 Minnesota Timberwolves

The Target Center in Minneapolis had the best version of Facundo Campazzo at this start of the season. The Argentine guard made the most of his 21 minutes on the court: 15 points (5-7 in triples and 0-1 in doubles), one rebound, two assists, three steals, a block and just one loss. Excellent match from Cordoba.

1/1/2021 Denver Nuggets 103-106 Phoenix Suns

With little action, Facundo Campazzo started the year: the Cordovan was only on the court for four minutes and finished with a zero score on Denver’s return to Ball Arena.

12/29/2020 Denver Nuggets 115-125 Sacramento Kings

In the first away game, Facundo Campazzo had good minutes on the court (12) and finished with a point (1-2 in free practice). The Cordovan missed the three triples he tried, but finished with five assists, two rebounds and a couple of steals. The roster was completed with three losses and four fouls.

12/28/2020 Denver Nuggets 124-111 Houston Rockets

Facundo Campazzo was on the court for five minutes in the third consecutive game at the Ball Arena in Denver and he finished with four points, all obtained from the free line. Besides, the only double he tried missed; added a rebound and also a loss.

12/25/2020 Denver Nuggets 108-121 Los Angeles Clippers

In the second game of the season, Facundo Campazzo was on the court for only three minutes and during that time he committed a personal foul. He didn’t shoot the hoop.

12/23/2020 Denver Nuggets 122-124 Sacramento Kings

Facundo Campazzo made his official debut in the NBA in the defeat of Denver and played eight minutes, in which he scored three points (1-1 in triples). In addition, he added a rebound and committed a personal foul.

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