Grant Gondrezick died, who convinced Manu Ginobili that he could succeed in the NBA

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Murió Grant Gondrezick, quien convenció a Manu Ginóbili que podía triunfar en la NBA

Grant gondrezick passed away last Thursday, January 7 at 57 years of age for reasons that are still unknown. The truth is that the former American basketball player was one of the main architects at the beginning of Emanuel Ginobili in professional basketball.

Gondo, as he was nicknamed, was born in 1963 in Boulder, a city in the state of Colorado. He excelled as a player at Pepperdine University, until in 1986 he was selected by the Phoenix Suns in 77th place in the second round of the NBA Draft. Anyway, his arrival at the basketball elite had. quickly, a very negative impact, after having legal and drug problems.

These scandals led to his expulsion, and he had to seek sports refuge for a single season in the Caen from France. After being in the Gallic country for a year, he returned to the American league to join the ranks of Los Angeles Clippers, in what was his last NBA experience.

From there, the 1.96-meter guard went around the world of his sport, as he did with the orange in his hands. He knew how to play the league of Belgium, Italy and Spain, until finally he arrived in the Argentine league to defend the colors of Estudiantes de Bahía Blanca. There, in the Bahia complex, it was where he met Ginobili And thanks to a talk they had, Manu’s head changed, years later he would be the third Argentine basketball player to emigrate to the NBA.

It was the Bahian escort himself who, a decade after that event and in a TED talk, recalled the dialogue with Gondrezick and remarked the value he had in him to give him the final and necessary boost to become aware that he could become an important factor in the most relevant league on the planet.

“There were vestiges or things that indicated that I could become a very good National League player, but nothing more. The following year I return to Bahía Blanca. There is a key moment in that year, which is a conversation with a foreigner who played with me and had been in the NBA for two or three years. He sat me down and told me: ‘You have to go to the United States, to study at a university in the United States, that if you go and spend four years there, you’ll end up in the NBA.’ I looked at him as saying ‘impossible’, he wants to be my friend or something, and he tells me to motivate me or make me feel good”Recalled Ginobili, who positioned him as the kickoff of his mental transformation to become the player he was.

Grant played 16 games in the National League and stood out in a game that allowed Estudiantes to remain in the category and save themselves from relegation. In which meeting he registered 42 points and 15 rebounds, which allowed him to defeat Deportivo Roca. He also had other experiences until he decided to put an end to his career as a professional basketball player, and became a coach.

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