Ringo Bonavena y un sueño de revancha con Ali que terminó en asesinato

Oscar Natalio “Ringo” Bonavena lost his fight with Muhammad Ali in 1970, and he sought his revenge by all possible means, with an obsession that perhaps cost him even his own life.

Bonavena he was defeated with an acceptable and dignified performance. And he did it in front of a great champion like Ali. Ringo, the Argentine king without a crown, returned to his country with the backhand in tow, but with every intention of affirming to his people that his performance had been more than respectable.

“Did you see that I was handsome? Really handsome ”, he reiterated Ringo to his team, during the flight back to Buenos Aires.

Perhaps it was at that moment, between the feelings generated by the duel lived, that The Greatest became a mania for Bonavena. In the mind and spirit of the Argentine, The idea began to build that something had been pending in that contest.

In the pre-lawsuit, Ringo Bonavena spawned a character with charisma comparable to that of his opponent.

Muhammad Ali, immersed in his role of talkative and playful, he tried to do the usual, but he ran into a rogue who took him off balance several times and drew the laughter of those present, even those of the same Ali!

Bonavena, he was a superstar. At least it was for a few days. That brief period in which he caught the radiant aura of the American. That event obtained the record of viewership in Argentina, with 79.1 rating points. Ringo had as a fixed idea to prolong his stardom as long as possible. And so, Ringo Bonavena focused his mission on harassing Ali on all possible flanks until a rematch is finalized.

When Bonavena went to look for Ali to Venezuela

Ken Norton and George Foreman fought for heavyweight titles CMB and the AMB on March 26, 1974. The fight was at the Poliedro de Caracas, Venezuela.

Ringo knew that Ali He would be in Venezuela, working as a commentator on the contest for US television. And the Argentine went there to try to provoke him.

El Poliedro de Caracas, on the night of its premiere

A few minutes before the fight between Norton and Foreman, and while listening to the presentation, Oscar Bonavena He stepped into the ring and wished his colleagues luck. The mythical Joe Louis, whom he greeted with admiration.

Bonavena walked alongside Louis towards the part of ringside where he was Muhammad Ali. He had a whole script written in his mind to get the Kentucky one out of his mind. As soon as he saw Ali, pointed at it with his index finger, took off his coat and asked Louis to hold it.

Ringo He was so focused on what he was going to say to Muhammad Ali, who did not notice the lack of respect for the magnanimous Louis. Missed, Joe Louis took the garment of Bonavena and waited for him to do his act.

The Argentine went on Ali, who stood up, and approached the ring. They exchanged insults and threats of blows that were lost in the air. Ringo over the ring, and Ali in the front row, among the narrators who pretended to contain him.

Louisangered by the scene, he reluctantly handed the sack back to Bonavena and he left the ring, handcuffing his disgust, while the Argentine continued his business.

The narrators questioned Ali, on the challenges of Bonavena.

“I knocked him out in round 15, the fight was somewhat close,” he said. Ali, when they asked him if he wanted to collide with Bonavena. “He said if I hadn’t knocked him out at 15, he would have beaten me. But you are wrong in wanting to threaten me. I am the one who threatens ”.

Ringo Bonavena achieved its goal of provoking Ali, in a television broadcast very followed around the world and now it would be time to continue weaving to finalize the revenge.

Ringo signs with the mafia and the promise of a rematch with Ali

In the not-so-announced end of his career, Oscar Bonavena succumbed to the traps of the mobster Joe Montano, who promised to get him a rematch with Muhammad Ali.

Ringo received the visit of Montane, as soon as his triumph against Raul Gorosito, in the last presentation that the Argentine gave in his country, on November 1, 1975.

The Puerto Rican offered him a representative contract, in exchange for a “premium” in the amount of $ 20,000, with the omen of a revenge with Ali. AND Ringo signed.

The contract, however, was transferred to Joe Comfort, a 57-year-old Sicilian equal or more rogue than the one who initially invited the bond. This infamous wealthy man owned the Mustang ranch, the first licensed brothel in Nevada.

Between presentations typical of the most bizarre circuses, with semi-naked women and scandalous meals, Bonavena started a game of seduction with Sally comfort, wife Joe. With looks and compliments, the secret affair was not long in coming.

After the mobster found out about the relationship, several of his thugs burned the mobile home that the Argentine lived next to Julio “El Gordo” Morales. Drunk and desperate to see his only good material turned to ashes, he decided to challenge Comfort in his own house.

He was no longer a jock, nor was he fun and friendly guy. The porteño was then a beast, a raging bull that did not believe he had anything to lose, but ended up losing his life.

The man who murdered Ringo

William Ross Brymer is the name of the perpetrator of the murder of Ringo Bonavena. This bodyguard had a personal resentment towards the fighter, who married his former partner to obtain American citizenship. Likewise, the bully was also teased and beaten by Ringo, repeatedly.

Brymer He triggered a Remington shotgun from one of the security towers there. One of the six bullets, pierced the chest of Bonavena and killed him by piercing his heart.

William Ross Brymer, arrested for killing Ringo.

Notably Brymer, the escort of Joe Conforte, He had the help of his employer, who had incalculable financial arrangements with the police. Given those conditions, the investigation remains shrouded in suspicion.

A group of relatives of Ringo Bonavena It claims that the boxer was killed in his sleep. Others, for their part, trust that the murder occurred at the door of the house of Comfort. Both currents agree that the corpse of the nice athlete was planted at the door of the Mustang ranch.

The main controversy dates from the weapon that the police found in the body’s right ankle. Although he fought in a skilled position, Bonavena He was left-handed with his hands and feet. For the same, Ringo he was shooting with his left hand, and he would have nothing to do with a gun on his right side.

Ross brymer he also did not have convincing statements. Their testimonies were loaded with lies later deactivated and total contradictions about their alleged actions that morning.

Ringo Bonavena died in the eternal wait for revenge with Ali. That obsession that led him to sign a pact with the devil, to whom he had to offer his own life. With the mafia, they say, you can get in, but never get out. Ringo Never left.

His legend still laughs in the streets of the City of Buenos Aires. 58 wins, 44 before the limit, 9 defeats and 1 draw in his paid career are not enough to explain what it means among Argentines Oscar Natalio Bonavena.