Will they go for him?  Look how the undefeated who wants to be part of the UFC fights: "My resume speaks for itself"

Beyond not accumulating many contests under his belt, a star of Cage Warriors sounds strong to join UFC. This being the case, it is precisely Jake hadley (7-0), who has a great undefeated and very good presentations to try to reach the leading Mixed Martial Arts company in the world. The 24-year-old flyweight was born in England, so he wants to fulfill his dream of joining the company’s British champions.

In this way, Hadley He started by saying, “I feel like I should have been in the UFC even a long time ago, really. Yes, I’ve only been in seven fights in my career, which isn’t much, but if you look at my last four opponents, Nkazimulo Zulu was on ‘The Ultimate Fighter,’ EFC World Champion, Flyweight and Bantamweight. He has had 15 professional fights. Blaine O’Driscoll was a world champion. Shajidul Haque had 15 fights and beat all the best in the UK and Europe.

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«Luke Shanks is a champion of Cage Warriors. All these guys that I’m beating are the best. They are also at the level of UFC. I am beating all the best. I feel that I am ready for the UFC, and I have been ready for a long time, and I feel that I have deserved it for a long time, “he also acknowledged, making it clear that he is not afraid to enter the most important cage in the world.

He wants to tempt Dana White

Further, Jake He also stressed that he has no problem starting from the bottom: ‘To be fair, I feel like I deserve a direct contract because of what I have achieved here in Europe and even around the world. I was in South Africa and I fought the best guys. I feel like I deserve a direct contract, but if they were to say to me, ‘Do you want to do Contender Series?’ I would do it simply because why not? I am ready to fight.

“I would do Contender or Ultimate Fighter, no problem, but I honestly think I deserve a direct contract and I will fight either of them. You can put any of the guys in the top 15, it doesn’t really bother me. I’d take them all out, no problem. I know what I can give, so wherever they put me I’ll be happy. I can kill whoever wants to put me ahead, “he concluded. Jake hadley, the extraordinary English fighter.

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