Bump! Cleveland Browns humiliated Pittsburg Steelers and scores in NFL Divisional Round

Bump!  Cleveland Browns humiliated Pittsburg Steelers and scores in NFL Divisional Round

The Wild Card Round of these Playoffs of the NFL It brought an immense surprise to American football fans. Cleveland browns, one of the unexpected teams of this postseason, hit the ground running by crushing Pittsburg Steelers in the game for the Wild Card with a score of 37-48. The Ohioans have gotten their ticket to the Divisional Round.

The games for the Wild Card of these Playoffs could not close without a surprise, and Cleveland browns it has done it in a spectacular way. On paper, Steelers they were top favorites to take the quota. Kevin Stefanski’s team reached the postseason for the first time in 18 years, and had 17 consecutive losses at Pittsburg.

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Although some anticipated the crash, no one expected Browns they went 0-28 in the first quarter. It all started in the first offensive phase of the premises. After the flying, the Steelers they had their first 1st and 10th, but quarterback Ben Roethlisberger failed to control the lousy center, leaving the fumble that ended in the touchdown zone. Karl Joseph took the ball and added the first 6, in what was the anticipation of 15 catastrophic minutes.

After this, Baker Mayfield managed to connect with Jarvis Landry, who managed to escape in speed to the baseline. To this were added 2 annotations by Kareem Hunt, for an overwhelming start by the visitors. It was from the second quarter that the reaction of the Steelers, who dominated the markers of the final 3 sets. However, the advantage was very bulky and they fell into the Wild Card Round.

Records for Cleveland Browns

The first quarter of Cleveland browns It was worth them to take some records. It is the first time in history (since the merger of the leagues) that a team manages to score 28 points in the first quarter in a playoff game. Likewise, it is the first time since 1971 that Pittsburg has been outscored by 28 points in the first quarter, and the first time in the history of the Browns who manage to force 4 deliveries in the same encounter.

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