It is coming! Paige VanZant shows up at BKFC barefoot boxing in a few days: “There will be blood”

It is coming!  Paige VanZant shows up at BKFC barefoot boxing in a few days: "There will be blood"

The American fighter with a past in the UFC, Paige VanZant, debuts in boxing without gloves BKFC soon. After being freed from the company that Dana White commands, the blonde will be competing for hundreds of thousands of dollars in Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship. It should be noted that this is a sport full of blood and disfigured faces, taking into account that the blows are with clean fists.

In this way, the American is very confident that she will start on the right foot, after not having a good time at the leading Mixed Martial Arts company in the world. Thus, VanZant He began by expressing the following on the networks: «FEBRUARY 5 !!! Like it or not, I’mma break it in BKFC. The only way to see it is with the link in my bio. Subscribe now to not miss anything !!! February 5th. There will be blood.

Before her first fight in BKFC barefoot boxing, Paige VanZant had her fans in love

“I understand that people think I am beautiful, but above all I am a fighter and an athlete. A cut on the face is always healthy. I’ve been cut before and people still think I’m pretty, it hasn’t affected my career yet. I feel that at this time they will pay me well enough to be able to undergo plastic surgery, “also explained the American fighter, who is not afraid of being disfigured.

Know what he’s up against

Taking calmly and gracefully what could happen inside this tarp, Paige He also highlighted: “I have a plastic surgeon on speed dial and I can send him a message and say: ‘hi, you have to fix me.’ I am passionate about this opportunity. I’m a fan of what they do BKFC) and it’s something that I’m really going to be able to show with my blows ». Thus, she tries to give herself confidence for what is to come in a short time.

“If you look at my career in MMA my main weakness has been my jiu-jitsu and striking has been my passion. I am very excited to show it. My ultimate goal is to be successful fighting. But at the same time there are many other things for which I have talent and I can put much more on the table “, he concluded Paige VanZant. It will be presented on February 5, in a very tough battle to begin its new stage.

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