Ryan García assures that he will retire at 26 to combat the hatred that Donald Trump has generated in the United States

Ryan García asegura que se retirará a los 26 para combatir el odio que ha generado Donald Trump en Estados Unidos

Ryan Garcia says he wants to retire from professional boxing at 26 to inspire people and combat the social polarization that exists in the U.S with the presidency of Donald Trump. Garcia He is 22 years old today, so within his plan, retirement would come four years from now.

“I still think about retiring at 26,” he confessed Ryan Garcia in an interview for the program Ak and Barak that is transmitted by DAZN. “I am going to dedicate myself to inspiring people in a different way and to play my part in this battle against hatred and confusion in America. I don’t know yet how I’m going to do it, but I do know that’s what I plan to do. That’s why I want to retire at 26. I’ll do what I have to do in this sport, then I’ll go try to fight that other battle. “

Ryan Garcia spoke about the riots that occurred in the Washington Capitol on January 6. There, followers of the still president Donald trump They committed acts of vandalism to show their dissatisfaction with the electoral results adverse to Trump.

“You choose what you want to inspire in people, through the things you say,” he explained. Ryan Garcia. “And that’s in everyone, what you say is what you will inspire people to do.”

In the vision of Ryan Garcia, America entered a time of hatred and confusion in its society, inspired by the president Donald trump.

“In my humble opinion, Donald trump inspired hatred, “he said Garcia on Donald Trump. “I don’t care which way you put it. I don’t care if he tries to hide his tracks after he says something bad. Think about this: you say something bad and then you try to cover it up, whatever you said bad, it is not forgotten. And these people are trying to confuse other people and that’s where the confusion comes from, because (Trump) is always hiding his footprints after he says something bad, that is not correct. You don’t do that because you cause confusion. “

“Whatever you say to the world, it will come out (to light),” he added about the situation in the US. “That is another fight, but don’t worry, at the right time that will be another important fight and I will win it too. Believe me ”.

GarciaThe 22-year-old is one of the biggest promises in boxing today, having been undefeated for 21 professional bouts and finishing 18 of his opponents via knockout.

On January 2 of this year, Ryan defeated the British by technical knockout Luke campbell in the seventh round with a hook to the liver. In the post-victory interview, The King challenged Gervonta davis, who tweeted that he would be his next opponent, although he later deleted the post. Also in an exchange on the podcast HotBoxin‘, they both agreed by word to fight soon.

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