What happened?  Controversial statements left Michael Chiesa in view of all: "I'm going to lose the fight"

The experienced fighter from UFC, Michael chiesa, left several words that rang out loud throughout the company. The aforementioned woke up a few days ago, learning that Khamzat Chimaev will not be on his date with Leon Edwards. For this reason, he believes that his 2021 calendar may be different, although he does not want to claim victory ahead of time. Anyway, his sayings went further and left a lot to think about.

Starting with his sayings, Chiesa He recognized the following: What a world and what a whirlwind. I remember waking up the day it became known that Khamzat Chimaev was out of the main event. I woke up, saw the news, and said, ‘Fuck, I’m going to lose the fight. I thought I was going to lose the fight with Neil. He and I have been looking at each other for a while, so I instantly thought, ‘I thought this was going to happen.

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“That’s why I haven’t announced the fight against anyone yet. As the day progressed, it turned out to be a really good day. I thought it was going to be a horrible day. I’m excited to be in the main event venue against a guy like Neil Magny. It’s going to be a really fun fight for the fans. I thought they would give Neil the push just because they had him there anyway to fight Khamzat if Leon had fought, ”he also stressed.

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On the other hand, Michael He stressed: “But I knew that it could go both ways. I had been warned about that before the fight was scheduled: ‘Hey, it’ll be you and Magny, but just so you know, if something happens to Chimaev and Edwards on the Dec. 19 undercard, we’re going to crash Neil up. We passed the 19th and I thought we were out of the woods, but still wasn’t convinced. I didn’t announce anything, and I wasn’t going to until this was safe. I’m not saying anything and it could very well change.

“One of us could appear due to COVID, there are many moving parts. But I was just going to stay focused, keep training and hope everything worked out so I could fight Neil. I just thought something might happen with the main event, which I was right about. But I was wrong about one thing, I can keep my fight with Neil Magny, “he said. Michael chiesa, who wants to be among the best.

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