Bob Arum ve 95% de posibilidades de hacer Joshua vs Fury a continuación; se firmaría en dos semanas

Bob arum He was optimistic, saying that he sees a 95% chance of making a fight between Anthony Joshua and Tyson fury. All parties would sign within two weeks.

“I do not want to set a deadline, but I can only report that everything has gone wonderfully so far and we hope to have a signed document in the next two weeks,” he said. Arum in an interview with Sky Sports. “That might not include the venue, because we can first have a document for the fighters and then have a clause of mutual agreement on the venue.”

Even, Bob arum dared to give a percentage of progress in the negotiations to make the fight between Fury and Joshua.

“We’re all on the same page, as far as I can see,” said the founder of Top rank. “I am 95 percent confident that the fight will happen, and I am 100 percent confident that my fighter (Fury) wins and wins by knockout ”.

Fury You must resolve your legal situation regarding your alleged rematch that is pending with Deontay Wilder, to completely clear your way to Joshua.

Eddie Hearn’s word, Joshua’s promoter, on the negotiations with Arum and Fury

Eddie hearn, promoter of Anthony Joshua, hinted at some details of the negotiation with Bob arum and Tyson fury, for a contest between both fighters.

“I do not want to say too much, beyond that we are doing well,” he reported Hearn. “Now we are putting the fight on paper, in terms of the contracts, the date of the fight, and now looking at the next stages, to go to the different venues that have made offers, to discuss the fight and the date with them.”

Hearn revealed some of the possible venues to be analyzed.

“All I want to tell you is that we are on the right track and I don’t see anything to derail it,” said the promoter. “We are talking to Saudi Arabia, we are talking to Qatar, we are talking to Dubai, we are talking to Singapore, we are talking to China, we are talking to the United States.”

Bob arum revealed that already spoken with Eddie hearn about the support fights that the undercard of Joshua against Fury.

“We talked about the billboard and Eddie made a very good suggestion: we have fighters Matchroom against fighters on our side ”, he commented Arum. “That would be pretty cool. It would be interesting”.