NBA: Campazzo will not mark Irving, but will “measure” again with DeAndre Jordan

Campazzo no enfrentará a Irving pero se volverá a

While the main dream of reaching the NBA it has already been fulfilled, the truth is that the base Facundo Campazzo he still has a list of wishes to fulfill during his time in the American league. However, one of them will have to wait a little longer since Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving will not be in tonight’s game against the Denver Nuggets.

I’d like to defend (Stephen) Curry or Irving, we’ll see how it goes tomorrow. I will try to do my best“, the Cordovan had said yesterday in a live on Instagram with his followers. Despite this, he will have to wait a few more months to be able to defend Irving, since the absence of the American (who already had several games) It will be extended for a further time due to an investigation opened by the NBA for an alleged violation of health protocol.

As reported by the United States press, the league is analyzing some videos in which the player appears without a mask, celebrating a birthday, something that goes against the regulations imposed during the pandemic by the league. In this way, already ruled out for today’s game at 9:30 p.m. in New York, Today will be the fourth straight game the former Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics player has missed this season..

NBA protocol expressly prohibits players from attending clubs, bars and lounges, as well as prevents them from participating in social gatherings of more than 15 people, in an attempt to curb the Covid-19 outbreaks that are becoming more frequent in the league, as the pandemic in the United States grows. In the video in question, to Irving He is seen celebrating his sister’s birthday, dancing and blowing the candles, in a bowling alley. Although the images do not show the presence of more than 15 people, the truth is that shouts and celebrations are heard that allow inferring the possibility of violation of the protocol.

Thus, although they have already crossed paths in international tournaments representing the United States and Argentina, Campazzo will not be able to face him in the NBA, at least until the next game between both teams.

The duel that will be reissued: Campazzo vs. DeAndre Jordan

With which it will be measured will be with the pivot DeAndre Jordan, with whom he starred in a well-known crossover at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

That time, just as Campazzo was chasing Irving, a strong curtain from Jordan made the Argentine collide with his face against the guard’s back. Immediately Campazzo got up and faced the pivot, making it clear that despite the difference in heights (32 centimeters), the Cordovan does not shrink to anyone.

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