Not stop! Paige VanZant revolutionized social networks with played posts

Not stop!  Paige VanZant revolutionized social networks with played posts

Paige VanZant, expelling UFC, starred in several posts that ended up captivating everyone on social networks. The famous fighter is filled with comments and praise from her loyal followers day after day, after posting daring photos and videos on their virtual platforms. Of course, none of this goes unnoticed, since her physique and curves make more than one fall in love. On this occasion, he was shown with few clothes, in addition to being produced in his car.

Long ago, the now fighter of BKFC she had said, “I always wanted these breasts, and since they didn’t come I bought them.” Therefore, one of the most famous fighters in Mixed Martial Arts confessed that she earns more money as an instagramer than as a fighter. “I make a lot more money sitting at home posting photos on Instagram (2.6 million followers) than fighting. If I only dedicated myself to fighting, I would be financially lost, “he said.

No rivalry: after defeating her and removing her from the UFC, Amanda Ribas wishes Paige VanZant luck at BKFC

After Paige After her contract with the UFC ended, she was excited to really go free for the first time in her career. He had his first bond with Dana White when he was only 19 years old, so he was never able to receive any more offers. Just a month after his last battle, he shocked the world by making the decision to sign exclusively with the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship promotion, Boxing without gloves.

What’s coming for her

Therefore, David Feldman, President of BKFC, spoke with the press weeks ago and mentioned the following: “Yes, we will do it on the Friday before the Super Bowl, right around the Super Bowl, where it will be. It is going to be a great event for us. We are going to do it on Friday, February 5, Paige VanZant, that will be his debut for us. I think it’s really going to be a very good launch party for Paige’s debut and for BKFC in general to be among the major sports media.

In this way, the American is very confident that she will start on the right foot, after not having a good time at the leading Mixed Martial Arts company in the world. However, VanZant He began by expressing the following on the networks: «FEBRUARY 5 !!! Like it or not, I’m going to break it at BKFC. The only way to see it is with the link in my bio. Subscribe now to not miss anything !!! February 5th. There will be blood.

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