Estás peor que mis hijos: El cameo de Julio César Chávez en la serie Monarca en Netflix

Julio Cesar Chavez made a cameo in the series Monarch, which is currently broadcast on the platform of Netflix, along with the Mexican actor Osvaldo Benavides.

The appearance of the great Mexican champion occurred in the sixth chapter of Season 2 of the series. Chavez appears on stage to train Andres Carranza, character who plays Benavides. Carranza is the president of Monarch Group in the thriller and exercises by hitting the sack under the instructions of Chavez.

In the scene there is a fun exchange between Julio Cesar Chavez and Andrés Carranza. In the dialogue, a curious reference appears that crosses from fiction to reality, and where the great champion throws a funny jab at his children. It is given in the form of a scolding from Chavez for the poor execution of the blows he was making Benavides against the sack.

“What happened, Andrew?”, He tells Chavez. “So much that we practice it and you don’t learn. You’re worse than my kids, man! Let’s see, we’re going to do it with balls, with balls: two left and one right, let’s go! “

What is Monarch?

Monarch is a Mexican television series created by Billy Rovzar, Fernando Rovzar, Alexis Friedman, Michael McDonald, Salma Hayek, José Tamez and Diego Gutierrez.

It is a political intrigue thriller that chronicles the struggle of three brothers to become president of the prosperous family business: Monarch Group.

In the leading roles we find Irene Azuela, Osvaldo Benavides and Juan Manuel Bernal, among others. The first season premiered on September 13, 2019. The second season reached Netflix on January 1, 2020.

By the way, rumors about Chávez indicate that he had a relationship years ago with the Veracruz actress Salma Hayek. It is said that a good friendship remained from that relationship, and that she, who is one of the series’ producers, could have been that link so that the former boxer had this special participation in the second season of Monarch.

Osvaldo Benavides revealed the cameo

Last January 5 in his account Instagram, the actor Osvaldo Benavides posted a photo with Julio Cesar Chavez taken at the time the ex-fighter’s participation was filmed in Monarch.

“The champion … and his coach … So they can see what it means to be a Carranza. Monarch, T2. Have you seen it yet? ”, He posted Benavides in Instagram.