By History Channel? Tom Brady teases his old age before facing Drew Brees

By History Channel?  Tom Brady teases his old age before facing Drew Brees

The Playoffs of the NFL They have left several surprises, and one of them is Tom brady. Against many odds, the legendary quarterback has managed to lead Tampa buccaneers until the NFC Divisional Round, and his rival will be nothing more and nothing less than New Orleans Saints. The record man will come face to face with Drew brees, and the clash between veterans has been taken with humor.

Tom Brady has done it again

The departure of Tom brady The New England Patriots left the sports world with their mouths open. At 43, the legendary quarterback embarked on a new adventure with Tampa buccaneers with his partner (who returned from retirement), Rob Gronkowski. This left immense expectations for what this season of the NFL.

Bill Belichik rejects an invitation from Donald Trump: “First of all, I am a citizen”

Surprisingly, ‘TB12’ is still decisive without Bill Belichick at the helm. The field strategist broke the 14-year streak that added the franchise without qualifying for the Playoffs. The ‘Bucks’ got into the NFC Wild Card Round, and played the Wild Card against Washington Football Team last weekend.

The winningest QB in history not only managed to get Tampa into the Playoffs, but propelled the team to a road win 23-31 against one of the strongest defenses of the season. Now they have joined the Divisional Round for the first time since 2002, and will face the New Orleans Saints for a move to the National Conference Grand Final.

Encounter against Brees

With the qualification to the Divisional Round, a new confrontation between legends will be fulfilled. Tom brady will be measured against Drew brees in an exciting meeting for the ticket. The marshal of the Buccaneers He has joked about his age and that of his rival on social media, posting a montage of both players with the History Channel logo.

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