D’Onofrio: “Gallardo is going to decide if he stays or leaves, my desire is for him to continue even when I leave”

D'Onofrio: "Gallardo is going to decide if he stays or leaves, my desire is for him to continue even when I leave"

River was eliminated from CONMEBOL Libertadores against Palmeiras and Rodolfo D’Onofrio went through ESPN F90 where he was proud of what the team did in Brazil and referred to the continuity of Marcelo Gallardo: “Marcelo is going to analyze whether he stays or leaves, he is going to make the decision. My desire is for him to continue even when I leave.”

“We are going to sit down with all the players to find out what they want. When his time comes, we will sit down to talk with Marcelo (Gallardo) to see what he needs and we will analyze all the names“, commented the president regarding the reinforcements the club could bring.

When they asked him about the possibility of Enzo Pérez and Nacho Fernández leaving the team, he replied: “There are no offers for any play. If one arrives, it will be analyzed”.

“It is a bit strange to celebrate the goal, to be about to serve and have it canceled. The VAR has to assist the referee, but when the referee has doubts, otherwise he will direct the VAR directly“D’Onofrio said about the use of technology in football.

Meanwhile, the president expressed his disgust at the delay in decision-making: “Leaving aside the VAR, I think They got the rhythm of the game taking so long to review the plays and River needs rhythm “.

“I always respect the referee’s decision, but my place as president of the club is to accept those decisions. I do not have to criticize his decisions,” said the manager and added: “River will not file any arbitration complaint with CONMEBOL”.

“The pride we have is immense. Pride for the players and the coaching staff, it is one of the best teams in South America. As president I feel immeasurable pride in this group of players and coaching staff.. River was there, it was not enough but I am proud of what happened last night. We show that we know how to lose, “the president emphasized about the deployment of the Millionaire team in Brazil.

“I think I’m going to see Boca today against Santos. I thought that a final could be given again with Boca, but it didn’t happen, “he commented on the Xeneize match that will seek to reach a new continental final.

Other featured phrases:

“We are doing championships pulling down in Argentine soccer. With the value of the dollar, it is very difficult for players to make a difference. “

– “We have planted the theme of the championships to make it more competitive with Boca, Racing, Talleres, but we are in the minority, the majority are those who govern in all areas of life.”

– “Gallardo is the best coach in Argentina, South America and one of the best in the world. I hope he stays in River for many years. River has a whole line to cover in many ways, River was again River and will continue to be River “.

– “I don’t know if Marcelo (Gallardo) is going to take a vacation or if we will have a meeting these days.”

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