It will happen? Jon Anik analyzed the impressive first stellar battle of 2021: “It’s exciting”

It will happen?  Jon Anik analyzed the impressive first stellar battle of 2021: "It's exciting"

The commentator of UFC, Jon anik, gave his opinion on what will be the first event of this 2021, which will be held in Abu Dhabi. Max holloway and Calvin kattar they will star in a magnificent night on “the island of struggle”, so the journalist could not hide his emotions and feelings about it. In this way, he was forceful in saying what could happen there, knowing that both have everything to stay with the victory.

Understanding the above, Anik He started by saying, “It’s exciting, and I try to stay away from the ratings conversation because I need to stay in my lane and focus on what I’m doing. It’s nice when we do a big number, but that can’t be my focus. But it is huge. In fact, I wasn’t even in line to call this show and now I’m grateful to have the opportunity.

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“But it’s big, man, and I think sometimes we’re so invested in it internally that, to me, a show that’s wall-to-wall on UFC Fight Pass feels a lot like UFC Fight Night on ABC. But it is exciting when I receive text messages from friends that I have not heard from who are fans of mainstream sports and they tell me that they read an article that the UFC will be on ABC, “he also acknowledged.

It will be a great night

Further, Jon he dictated, ‘So that gives me a lens that I don’t normally look into and maybe suggests it’s a bigger problem than I thought. They were excited. It is probably criminal that many of us get through our year-end adjudication formalities without removing the name of Calvin kattar. It’s a great fight, and I feel like the guy after Holloway-Volkanovski 2 who said, ‘Man, I hate being Max Holloway’s next opponent because he’s going to put it on someone’ after getting tainted, largely. “

«Very disappointing for Max holloway, but a great opportunity to regain some of that momentum against the impending Calvin kattar. I think it will be a byproduct of having great fights and staying healthy. I hate to keep beating this drum, but his hands were quite sore after the Dan Ige fight. This is a 25-minute fight and I think you have to be measured and try to conserve some energy and some health at the beginning of a 25-minute fight, “he closed Jon anik.

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