Of the Pumas that were in the Three Nations, who are still in Argentina?

Of the Pumas that were in the Three Nations, who are still in Argentina?

The 2021 season began with a great Argentine presence in the main European leagues. When it still remains to define the Argentine team that will play the American Super League, It is worth doing a review of the players that made up the list of 45 players from the squad of The Pumas that competed in Australia and are still in the country.

Of those 45 players, only 17 of them remain in the country, although some more may emigrate. The exodus began when the UAR authorized the Jaguares players to find a new club, given the unexpected cancellation of Super Rugby in 2020 as a result of the pandemic.

Before the cancellation of the southern hemisphere tournament, there were 9 who already played abroad: Francisco Gómez Kodela, Ignacio Calles Facundo Bosch, Pablo Matera, Facundo Isa, Nicolás Sánchez, Juan Imhoff, Santiago Cordero and Ramiro Moyano. To this is added Thomas Lavanini who was not called up due to injury, but who was in the original plans of Los Pumas and was already in Leicester.

As of the liberation, 25 players left Argentina: Santiago Medrano, Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro, Lucio Sordoni, José Luis González, Guido Petti, Matías Alemanno, Lucas Paulos, Marcos Kremer, Tomás Lezana, Rodrigo Bruni and Santiago Grondona among the forwards. For his part, Agustín Creevy also emigrated to London Irish, although for personal reasons he decided not to participate in the Three Nations. Meanwhile, on the backs’ side, Tomás Cubelli, Domingo Miotti, Joaquín Díaz Bonilla, Jerónimo de la Fuente, Matías Orlando, Lucas Mensa, Emiliano Boffelli, Santiago Carreras and Bautista Delguy. Meanwhile, Matías Moroni, who had been called up, was unable to travel to Tres Nations due to injury, and joined Leicester.

Of those left in the country, Julián Montoya is likely to join Leicester, although the official confirmation is missing. Santiago Socino has a chance to join Melbourne Rebels, while Mayco Vivas and Juan Pablo Zeiss evaluate options abroad. In a similar situation is Gonzalo Bertranou, who analyzes options to continue his career abroad. For its part, Juan Cruz Mallía sounded like a possible reinforcement of Toulouse and the rumor that links Santiago Chocobares with Blues, it seems to have waned. While, Lucio Cinti joined the squad of the Sevens team that began preparation for the Olympic Games, and the rest of the players who remained in Argentina will play in the Argentine team that will play the American Super League.


PILLARS (8 were summoned to participate in the Three Nations)
They are still in Argentina: Mayco Vivas and Juan Pablo Zeiss, evaluating offers from abroad, and Federico Wegrzyn.

Abroad: Santiago Medrano (will continue his career in Western Force), Nahuel Tetaz Chaparro (will play in Bristol), Lucio Sordoni (will continue his career in Melbourne Rebels), Ignacio Calles (continues with his contract in Pau) and Francisco Gómez Kodela ( is still linked to Lyon).



An unmissable journey through the front line race: its beginnings in Regattas, the memory in the Pumitas, its passage through Jaguares and its arrival at the Argentine national team.

They are still in Argentina: Santiago Socino (could continue his career in Melbourne Rebels) and Julián Montoya (would go to Leicester)

Abroad: José Luis González (joined Mont de Marsan as a medical joker) and Facundo Bosch (has a contract in La Rochelle). Although he did not participate in the Three Nations, it is worth mentioning Agustín Creevy (he has a contract with London Irish)

They are still in Argentina: Ignacio Calas (could continue in Rebels) and Rodrigo Fernández Criado.

Abroad: Guido Petti (has a contract with Bordeaux), Matías Alemanno (has a contract with Gloucester), Lucas Paulos (is in Brive as a medical joker). Meanwhile, Tomás Lavanini missed the tournament due to injury, (he has a contract with Leicester)

They are still in Argentina: Francisco Gorrissen, Juan Martín González and Joaquín Oviedo.

Abroad: Pablo Matera (he went to Stade Francais in 2019), Marcos Kremer (has a contract with Stade Francais), Facundo Isa (has played in Toulon since 2017), Tomás Lezana (will continue his career in Western Force), Rodrigo Bruni ( joined Vannes, ProD2, France), Santiago Grondona (moved to Newcastle Falcons).



The Argentine forward was the player who stood out the most in this regard throughout the Tres Nations.

They are still in Argentina: Gonzalo Bertranou (looking for an opportunity abroad, but still has a contract with the UAR) and Felipe Ezcurra.

Abroad: Tomás Cubelli (will continue his career in Western Force),

They are still in Argentina: Tomás Albornoz.

Abroad: Nicolás Sánchez (he went to Stade Francais in 2018), Domingo Miotti (he will continue his career in Western Force). For his part, Joaquín Díaz Bonilla who could not travel due to a paper problem (he joined Leicester).



With 43 goals, the Tucumán opening was the top scorer in the competition.

They are still in Argentina: Juan Cruz Mallía (rumors indicate the interest of Toulouse) and Santiago Chocobares (New Zealand media mentioned interest in Blues).

Abroad: Jerónimo de la Fuente (joined Perpignan), Matías Orlando (plays for Newcastle), Lucas Mensa (has a contract with Valence Romans). They are joined by Matías Moroni who missed the Three Nations due to injury (plays for Leicester)

They continue in Argentina: Sebastián Cancelliere, Lucio Cinti (he was included in the Pumas Seven squad that is preparing for the Olympic Games).

Abroad: Juan Imhoff (still in Racing 92), Santiago Cordero (has a contract with Bordeaux), Ramiro Moyano (has a contract with Toulon), Emiliano Boffelli (signed a contract with Racing 92), Bautista Delguy (in Bordeaux, as a medical joker ), Santiago Carreras (plays in Gloucester).

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