The 4 kings, pop icons: The best commercials of Durán, Leonard, Hagler and Hearns

Los 4 reyes, íconos pop: Los mejores comerciales de Durán, Leonard, Hagler y Hearns

The decade of the 70s and 80s in boxing was marked by the time of the Four Kings: Roberto Duran, Marvin hagler, Sugar ray leonard and Tommy hearns. Four immortal fighters who revolutionized boxing, and helped middleweights generate massive interest as well.

The Four Kings fought each other several times, and their fights reached the television rooms of the families.

And so brands adopted them as icons of popular culture, to sell all kinds of products to the masses. Here are some commercials they starred in Duran, Hagler, Hearns and Leonard, the Four Kings of boxing in the 70s and 80s.

1.- Panamanian commercials by Roberto Durán for Rayovac

The Panamanian boxer, one of the best Latinos in history, began to climb the ranks of fame in the 1970s. This, after getting his first 31 fights as a professional with victories, for what he caught the attention of the battery company to be his image. And as his success continued, he filmed another commercial for this same brand.

2.- Commercial for Sugar Ray Leonard with Roberto Durán for 7up.

Taking advantage of the effervescence of the rivalry between Leonard and Stone hands In the first two years of the 1980s, 7up soda signed them for this emotional commercial.

It was in 1980 when Duran and Leonard they starred in their first two fights, full of drama and controversy. In the commercial, both fighters starred alongside their sons, presenting a kinder side to boxers.

3.- Sugar Ray Leonard commercial for 7up

In 1981, the iconic Sugar ray leonard, the Pretty Boy of his time, was the protagonist again of another spot advertising this soft drink.

And the best thing is that he shared the screen with his son again. That was the golden age of the fighter because it was when he had already defeated Duran in the rematch.

4. Commercial for Tommy Hearns and Marvin Hagler to pay taxes

Tommy hearns and Marvin hagler They gave one of the best fights in boxing history, when the latter won the middleweight title in three rounds in 1985. That same year they starred in this commercial in 1985 about paying taxes.

5.- Marvin Hagler commercial for Pizza Hut.

In the year 1986, Marvin hagler starred in this spot eating a slice of pizza for the brand Pizza hut who also shot spots with Muhammad Ali.

“This is the first time my mother will see me on television without having to close her eyes,” she said. Hagler in the commercial.

6.-Commercial by Sugar Ray Leonard and Tommy Hearns for Budweiser

Both fighters flaunted some of their exercises in this 1989 commercial to promote their second fight dubbed The War, which was held in Las Vegas and the final result was a draw.

7.- Marvin Hagler’s commercial for Diet Coke.

In 1986 this extraordinary boxer was in a commercial with one of the greatest stars of pop music, Whitney houston. It was a commercial for the brand Diet coke .

In one of the curious scenes Hagler he’s having soda when he’s in his corner instead of water.

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