The bomb of the year? The best MMA coach is excited to win two belts in 2021

The bomb of the year?  The best MMA coach is excited to win two belts in 2021

Tyson chartier, Coach of the New England Cartel and named Best of 2020 in MMA, stopped talking about in these hours. The aforementioned has under his command several of the best UFC fighters, being Calvin kattar and Rob font some of the most prominent. Therefore, before the press, he made his opinion known about what is coming for his family, so he quickly deluded the fans.

In this way, Chartier He began by saying the following: “We are trying to get two belts, but we are not even anxious about that, we are anxious to defend the belts. These guys want to stay active and belts have always been the goal, but we always change the goal. The goal now is not just to win a belt. We will go much further than this.

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“We want to start thinking about how we are going to defend them. I don’t think there is anyone who can use common sense and say that if we beat Max Holloway we don’t deserve a title shot, on a three-game win streak, finishing probably the best of all time at featherweight. I have great boys and I have no doubt that they will succeed ”, added the magnificent coach.

For its part, Tyson he also dictated: “The reality is that TJ cheated. He’s going to come back from that and reap what he sowed. You shouldn’t be able to make decisions now. He came back, made a mistake, acknowledged it, paid his time, and I’ll give him credit for that. You shouldn’t be in a position to make the decisions. He should have to fight whoever they put in front of him to earn his way back. I think it should be Rob font«.

The next big battle

Max Holloway (21-6 MMA, 17-6 UFC) and Calvin kattar (22-4 MMA, 6-2 UFC) star in the first great battle of 2021. In this way, both will be in charge of heading up the UFC Fight Night event on January 16, so the expectation grows and grows with each second. UFC Fight Island 7 will be talking about for a while. In these hours, both finalize details to try to advance in the positions and to arrive at the fight by the title.

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