Emili Rousaud resigns to be a candidate for the presidency of Barcelona

Emili Rousaud resigns to be a candidate for the presidency of Barcelona

BARCELONA – Emili Rousaud presented this Thursday his resignation from the electoral race for the presidency of FC Barcelona and will not officially become a candidate, a condition that, except for general surprise, will have Joan Laporta, Víctor Font and Toni Freixa.

This Thursday Rousaud gave the Barça club a formal resignation without waiting for the final count of signatures validated by the Electoral Board, which must end today.

On Wednesday night the same candidate explained that he had 1,952 validated ballots, 50 invalid and 500 pending validation. On Monday, Rousaud had handed over 2,510 to the club, slightly more than the 2,257 needed to make the cut.

“On Wednesday morning we had a meeting with Toni Freixa and we reached an agreement in principle to make an electoral pact,” revealed the former institutional vice president at the press conference he called to explain his decision.

The proposal of this pact was that Toni Freixa be the candidate, Emili Rousaud the first vice-president and that six managers of the team of ‘Els millors, al Barça!’ (The best, at Barça!) Will be part of the board of directors.

“But the members of my candidacy decided unanimously not to push forward the pact for a matter of dignity after what happened with the ballots and to withdraw,” added the former institutional vice president of Barça.

He also admitted that he came to consider a union “with up to three candidacies because he saw” this pact “as the option of winning the elections” and that he previously offered “a vice presidency to Lluís Fernández Alà.”

The key fact to abandon the electoral race was the appearance of an Agustí Benedito ballot among his during the validation: “All our ballots had the DNI and were registered and then an Agustí Benedito ballot appeared among ours. The feeling that I have is from a dirty war. I don’t think it’s a fortuitous act, but bad faith. “

In this sense, Rousaud explained through tears that his team prefers to stay “out” and this “hurts a lot for Josep Maria Minguella (his sports vice president)”.

Looking ahead, he said they would like to “re-present the candidacy” and that with this experience they have “learned a lot.”

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