He wants revenge! Conor McGregor says Khabib is avoiding him: “You can’t sneak away”

He wants revenge!  Conor McGregor says Khabib is avoiding him: "You can't sneak away"

The legend of UFC, Conor McGregor, spoke with the media hours ago and liquidated Khabib Nurmagomedov. After retiring after beating Justin Gaethje at UFC 254, the Dagestani is at a loss as to whether to fulfill what was his late father’s dream: a 30-0 record. So far he has only been able to reach victory number twenty-nine, but the Irishman challenges him to try the next one against him. In this way, the fans are excited.

In this way, Mcgregor He began by explaining the following: “How you could leave at this stage puzzles me, but for each one his own. There are so many incredible fights out there. Even the carry-on on the Tony Ferguson situation, like I don’t care about a thing. You are programmed to fight a man. It does not matter that. Fights must take place. You can’t just slip away from the fighting.

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“It has been the hallmark of his approach. I wasn’t surprised to see him walk away or slip away, I should say. It is what it is. We continue. I don’t think he gained weight last time here, to be honest. That was very skeptical on the scale. Very, very unusual behavior. But it is what it is. I feel like it should be because of the title. I don’t think Dana is going to jump in to throw me a belt right away with the way the year was and I get it, “he said.

Will you come back to face it again?

Likewise, Conor He also acknowledged: ‘What are belts? I am here to compete. Get some good competition and the belts will come. The belt, I think maybe the next fight is fair. I would have liked to see this fight, but there were circumstances surrounding the man who slipped away to some degree. They have given you a little time. We’ll see what happens. It has no chance for me.

I’m not going to get caught up in the politics of this business. I have done it in the past and it has hindered me. So we focus on the fight that lies ahead and that’s it, “he closed Conor McGregor, who agrees with Dana White. The UFC President had said days ago: “Obviously I will meet him because I think he should fight again. I mean, look what he did to Justin Gaethje, he’s got another fight for him.

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