IEBS, the best Master SEO in Madrid

IEBS, el mejor Master SEO para posicionar tu web en Madrid

If what you are looking for is to substantially increase your knowledge of web positioning in Madrid, your first option should be IEBS, the best SEO master. A distance master, taught from Spain, where the vanguard of SEO specialists Spanish-speaking in the world.

And with all the quality of IEBS, the business and entrepreneurship school that has established itself as one of the most reliable options for studying online. It has refined its distance education system so much that it is the first online school to appear in a CSIC ranking. In such a way that if you are looking for the best master in web positioning, IEBS is the option.

The teaching staff are all specialists who are active in the SEO industry in Spain, with practical experience, who have already experienced the challenges of trying to position a website in search engines.

According to information from Master in SEO from the website of IEBS, you will learn to:

  • Define and implement a SEO strategy integral.
  • Discover through Research and Keyword Research the best opportunities and trends.
  • Mastering the most technical part of SEO oriented to perform SEO Audits.
  • Know the most relevant aspects of SEO Onpage and Offpage.
  • Apply SEO in a campaign digital marketing, complemented the rest of existing actions.
  • Know and master the most important tools that all SEO must use.
  • Understand the Web Analytics for SEO and reporting models.
  • Know the SEO ecosystem and its professionals.
  • Become a SEO consultant prepared to work in a marketing agency or direct your own.

Study Plan: Master in SEO

The IEBS Master in SEO Study Plan is made up of 16 modules over a year. You will learn the main tricks and secrets to design a successful SEO strategy.

Module 1. Market Niche Research

  • Market niches
  • Keyword Research I
  • Keyword Research II
  • Masterclass: Introduction to Keyword Research or Study of Keywords
  • Masterclass: SEO Market Opportunities (Micronichos)

Module 2. Introduction to Search Marketing

  • SEO history
  • Introduction to the Search Cycle
  • Search commands
  • Masterclass: Myths and Q&A about SEO
  • Masterclass: The day to day of an SEO and professional opportunities

Module 3. Web Structuring

  • User Research
  • Information architecture
  • Navigation systems, tagging and URLs.
  • Masterclass: SILO structure
  • Masterclass: Copywriting and UX applied to SEO

Module 4. Content SEO

  • SEO and content
  • Inbound Marketing and Social SEO
  • Content optimization
  • Masterclass: Content SEO Tools and Success Stories
  • Masterclass: Creation of new quality content in a few minutes

Module 5. SEO On Page

  • SEO On Page I
  • SEO On Page II
  • Penalties Panda, Penguin
  • Masterclass: SEO Consulting On Page: What to do in the first hour of work?
  • Masterclass: Technical aspects and tools to take into account today in SEO OnPage

Module 6. SEO for WordPress

  • Installation and creation of a blog
  • Web design and usability. Your role in business strategy and social media
  • Advanced WordPress and use of plugins
  • Masterclass: SEO Factors in WordPress
  • Masterclass: Google Search Console

Module 7. Technical SEO

  • Introduction to HTML and PHP
  • Technical SEO I
  • Technical SEO II
  • Masterclass: Tools and Tracking and Indexing, improving URLs
  • Masterclass: SEO Dashboard in Data Studio actionable only with free tools

Module 8. Tools and international SEO

  • SEO tools I
  • SEO tools II
  • International SEO
  • Masterclass: RYTE Tool for OnPage Analysis
  • Masterclass: SEMRush, how to get the most out of it

Module 9. Link Building (Tools)

  • Link Building concepts
  • Link Building Strategies
  • Advanced Link Building Techniques
  • Masterclass: The best Linkbuilding tools and strategies
  • Masterclass: Acquisition of links and automation of profiles. Success stories

Module 10. SEO and CRO for e-Commerce

  • SEO e-Commerce I
  • SEO e-Commerce I
  • Migrations and redirects
  • Masterclass: SEO Experience in e-Commerce and WPO
  • Masterclass: SEO Migrations in e-Commerce

Module 11. Analytics and SEO Dashboard

  • Analytics I
  • Analytics II
  • SEO Analytics, Objectives and KPIS
  • Masterclass: Google Analytics Fundamentals
  • Masterclass: Dashboard for SEO

Module 12. Local SEO

  • Local SEO and Google My Business
  • Evolution and factors of Local SEO
  • Voice search
  • Masterclass: Google MyBusiness and local citations
  • Masterclass: AMP and SEO for Youtube

Module 13. SEO Mobile and ASO

  • SEO Mobile
  • Mobile Development – Mobile First
  • ASO
  • Masterclass: Combination ASO + APP Marketing for Success
  • Masterclass: Progressive Web Apps (PWA): New Web Generation

Module 14. SEO and Blackhat Security

  • SEO and security. Detect hacks and security flaws
  • Black Hat SEO I
  • Black Hat SEO II
  • Masterclass: Tag Manager and Black Hat SEO Tools
  • Masterclass: Security as a Marketing Tool

Module 15. SEO Audit and Consulting

  • SEO for Excel
  • SEO for media
  • SEO audit
  • Masterclass: SEO success stories in the media
  • Masterclass: Client-reporting consulting

Module 16. Growth Hacking SEO

  • R&D. SEO research and development
  • Growhacks SEO I
  • Growhacks SEO II
  • Masterclass: Success Story of Growth Hacking SEO
  • Masterclass: SEO Marketplaces

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