Sparks are drawn! Carlos Condit and Matt Brown warm up the UFC Fight Island 7 preview: “I’ll kill him”

Sparks are drawn!  Carlos Condit and Matt Brown warm up the UFC Fight Island 7 preview: "I'll kill him"

Matt brown (22-17 MMA, 15-11 UFC) and Carlos Condit (31-13 MMA, 8-9 UFC) catch the eye for him Fight island 7. Of course, neither of them takes away the chance that their co-star on ABC 1 could be the contest that lifts them up the rankings. Therefore, they seek to be as good as possible to try to get closer to the title. Both have been training very hard for this fight, which is sure to be seen on “the island of the fight” this Saturday.

Notably Brown and Condit They were very close for a long time, thanks to the high level of emotion and energy that they always leave inside the most important cage in the world in Mixed Martial Arts. Now, in this opportunity, the welterweights will want to be victorious. In turn, this contest was already booked on two other occasions, one in December 2013 and another in April 2018. As such, it could never be carried out.

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The spicy of Condit

In this way, Carlos Condit He started by saying, “I have my mind extremely focused on this fight to handle this. The stakes are high in this fight: a lot of guys get cut, a lot of people at the stake. To mention the losing streak, I’ve won one of my last six so it’s not a great record for my last contract. I am also in favor of renegotiation, so there is a lot going on in this regard. I want to finish off Matt Brown. Does not matter how. I’m going to kill Matt Brown.

Brown’s tranquility

On the other hand, Matt He acknowledged: “It is not out of the question that this will be my last fight. Again, I’ll go home afterward and then re-evaluate. I have three kids and businesses and all that. That is the difficult part of life. To be honest, fighting is the easy part. I miss my children. That’s what it really comes down to: all the time away from children. They do not deserve it. I really love and miss you every day. I do everything for them and it will always be like that.

I’ve wanted this fight for a long time. I have admired Charles. He was in the WEC before I was in the UFC. I was looking at him and he was a fan. I’ve always been a huge fan of yours. Saturday I’ll go in there and go to battle with him and take him out and still be a fan afterward. I hope the best for him. He really is a figure in this sport and always will be. I hope we offer a great show on Saturday », he closed Matt brown.

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