They are planted! Lewis Hamilton contract negotiations get increasingly complicated

Lewis Hamilton

It can be said that the novel of the summer is that of Lewis Hamilton with the team Mercedes. Seven years of an enviable relationship due to the structures of the paddock of the Formula 1, which seems to be at its most tense. After winning his seventh title, Hamilton wants a super juicy contract, something that the German brand is not willing to accept.

The news that emerges on the situation of Lewis Hamilton continue to be mixed. Many media claim that the British will renew his contract with Mercedes. Others simply claim that Mercedes pressures him with a possible replacement of George Russell and some assert bluntly that Sir Lewis will withdraw from the competition.

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What does Hamilton want?

With the new title under his arm, Lewis Hamilton wants to get the most out of the team’s monetary situation. In the first meeting, the champion asked for a four-year contract, for 50 million euros per season. This would be the largest number in the paddock, adding a figure of 200 million euros for the entire contract expected by the British. A figure that the Germans are not willing to pay.

What does Mercedes propose?

However, Mercedes has already made a decision. At least this was confirmed by the Dutch newspaper ‘De Telegraaf’. According to the publications, the team stood up and would only offer the seven-time champion a one-year contract. If confirmed, it would be the first time Hamilton has a one-season contract. The British would continue negotiating, looking for a larger number.

Toto wolff

The latest statements from the head of Mercedes, Toto wolff, differ from his late-season account. After the last race, Lewis’s contract was “just a formality.” However, now the team is prepared to make decisions in the coming days. “I am not concerned at all, because I will always respect Lewis’s decisions, whether he stays with us for a long time, or he retires to do different things,” Wolff said in recent days.

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