They argued at the Dakar Rally and he left his partner abandoned… in the middle of the desert!

Rally Dakar

The pilots who are reaching the end of the Dakar Rally They will be able to note on their list that they completed one of the most difficult races in the world. However, not everything is rosy. Motorsport is a team sport, and if the driver makes a mistake, everyone loses. That is why tensions can often be felt quickly.

In the last hours a very curious (and reprehensible) story emerged at the Rally. A few days ago the team led by the pilot Ricardo Ramilo and his navigator, Xavi Blanco, they had to abandon the race due to mechanical problems. However, there is a modality called ‘Dakar Experience’ that allows competitors to follow the race route, although they do not appear in the official times.

The Dakar Rally is over and the title seems doomed

This was done by the Spaniards who compete in the category SSV. However, the relationship between the two was not the best for a few days and everything exploded this Thursday in the penultimate stage of the race. After re-engaging, the competitors were in a very difficult part of the special and discussions began. That is why Blanco asked Ramilo to stop the car.

The navigator got off and they began to fight. However, the decision taken by the SSV pilot was cause for reproach and curiosity from the organizers. The Spanish pilot got into the vehicle and decided to reach the finish line on his own, leaving Blanco in the middle of the desert. The copilot had to wait for an hour and a half for the organization, which finally rescued him.

“Is a character”

“Inside the car his attitude was not good, until he has already reached an extreme situation. I told him to stop the car, I got out and that’s when he said ‘there you stay’ and continued. He has left me there, his attitude speaks for itself. You don’t even have to call him a pilot, he is not a pilot, he is a character, “Blanco told the Spanish newspaper ‘Marca’ annoyed.

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