Top 10 Japanese Pounds for Pounds, According to Boxing News Magazine

Los 10 mejores japoneses Libra por Libra, según la revista Boxing News

The historic English magazine Boxing News made a pound-for-pound ranking of the 10 best Japanese fighters of the moment.

In the list highlights Naoya inoue in first place, after 20 professional bouts in which he remains undefeated and as the bantamweight champion of the World Boxing Association and of the International Boxing Federation.

The Top 3 complement it Kazuto Ioka, four times world champion and that comes from defeating the third place in the ranking Kosei tanaka, in eight rounds.

Below is the ranking of the 10 best Japanese Pounds for Pounds of Boxing News:

1. Naoya Inoue

One of the best boxers in the sport at any weight. Monster Inoue He did very well at bantamweight, having been world champion in light and super fly. He is currently the unified champion at 118 pounds.

2. Kazuto Ioka

Four-time world champion, champion of the OMB in super fly knocking out the pound-for-pound top 10 against his fellow star, Kosei Tanaka, last month.

3. Kosei tanaka

Before his undefeated ended at the hands of Kazuto Ioka, Tanaka He won the straw, light fly and flyweight belts. Although he lost against Ioka, Tanaka He defeated several Japanese on his way.

Four. Hiroto kyoguchi

As Kazuto Ioka and Kosei Tanaka, Kyoguchi He is on the path of conquering the lower ranks step by step. So far he has been a strawweight and light flyweight champion.

5. Ken shiro

Competing for the highest with Hiroto kyoguchi in the light fly category is Shiro. The Amazing Boy has made seven successful defenses of the crown of the World Boxing Council since he won it almost four years ago.

6. Ryota murata

Since winning the gold medal in 2012, Murata He has established himself as one of the best of the middleweight. He was recently elevated to full champion by the World Boxing Association.

7. Ryosuke Iwasa

He is a former champion of the International Boxing Federation at bantamweight who has remained in the elite of the 122-pound division since leaving the title two and a half years ago.

8. Tomoki kameda

From a boxing family, the experienced Kameda is a former champion of the World Boxing Organization in bantamweight who sought the belt World Boxing Council in super bantamweight.

9. Together Nakatani

A young man who has a great future in front of him. Nakatani surprised by winning the flyweight championship World Boxing Organization by knocking out Giemel Lean late last year.

10. Masayoshi Nakatani

It has no relation to the boxer above. Nakatani beat Felix Verdejo by knockout in one of the most action fights of 2020. He also gave several problems to Teofimo Lopez in your contest.

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