Where will he fight? Gastón Reyno, the Uruguayan who became a free agent in MMA: “It’s what I want”

Where will he fight?  Gastón Reyno, the Uruguayan who became a free agent in MMA: "It's what I want"

Gaston Reyno (9-2), great South American fighter from MMA, he does not lose the illusion of having a great 2021 and enhancing his career. The Uruguayan fighter does not continue competing in Combate Americas and now walks through the American streets as a free agent, so he dreams of returning to the UFC or fighting in some prestigious company. His time at Bellator was good, which does not make him lose hope of being able to return in 2021.

Being so, Reyno he began by dictating: «My contract with Combate Americas ended, now I am a free agent. I have a new manager, who is Brian Buttler, but beyond my contract with Combate Americas, they are my family and I have a lot of love and respect for them. So whatever I do, I’ll talk to them first. But I am training and improving. I’m with MMA Masters because the pandemic forced me to go to Miami.

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“I was very happy with Alliance MMA, but I had to move to Miami and found a great gym at MMA Masters. This was the first year of my life that I did not fight. I have been competing in MMA for seven years and this is the first time that I have not competed. I cannot complain because I know that there are people who have had it more difficult, people who have lost members of their family “, also expressed the Uruguayan.

Do not despair

Regarding your wishes and what you want for what is coming, Gaston He explained: “So I can’t complain, but I wish I had fought because that’s what I love to do. Luckily, I have continued training, I have continued to improve and I am ready to go back. From a physical and technical point of view, I am at my best. I started late, I started not long ago, so I keep improving every day.

“And from a physical point of view, it’s crazy: I’m lifting more weight than ever, I have the best cardio, so I feel like I can fight for several more years. I want to start a family and that is very important, so whenever I have to start my family, we will see if I can handle everything from my work as an analyst and my training to MMA«Concluded the extraordinary martial artist and sportscaster, Gaston Reyno.

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