Amazing! The real reason the Australian Formula 1 Grand Prix was postponed

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The modifications that the calendar of the Formula 1 in the last week he surprised all the fans. He Australian Grand Prix, which was to begin with the 2021 season was postponed and will finally run in November, due to the restrictions and measures taken by the Australian government due to the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Considering that there will be many sporting activities in the coming months, many Formula 1 fans wondered the real reason for the decision. However, the Melbourne government and the health authorities of that country, explained that the main reason why the race was postponed is the 14-day quarantine required by the authorities.

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In the last hours, the Minister of Sports of the state of Victoria explained the measures taken to a medium in his country. In his statements, he compared the decisions of the postponement of the race, with the Australian Open. Martin Pakula, pointed out that it was not possible for top-flight teams to be quarantined before the Grand Prix.

“Tennis agreed with that, but that was not possible with Formula 1. So under these circumstances, there was a combination of various factors, such as the number of Australians returning to the country. One of the positive points of winning ten months is that I think everything will be quite different in November ”, explained the Minister to the newspaper ‘The Age’.

For his part, the executive director of the Australian Grand Prix, Andrew Westacott He assured that there was no refusal from the teams, if not that it would be difficult for everyone to be quarantined before the race. “When you look at the preparation, we are talking about big business. It involves important organizations, and despite everything there were still logistics and special challenges from the start of the season. It would not be possible for everyone to operate under a strict quarantine regime. ‘

The calendar for 2021. Source: Formula 1

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