Kevin Benavides, the Argentine who made history in the Dakar Rally: «The most difficult race I had to run»

Kevin Benavides

Motorcycles are one of the most attractive categories in the world. Dakar Rally. Seeing the vehicles crossing the dunes generates great excitement for motor sport fans. That is why, together with cars, it is what all drivers look for. This Friday, a Latin American, the Argentine Kevin Benavides, he kept the title and made history in the sport.

Next to his brother Luciano Benavides, came to Saudi Arabia with only one goal: to win the most difficult race in the world. However, one of them stayed on the road. An accident involving Luciano made him leave with a broken rib and admission to a hospital. Days before, Kevin had suffered a similar incident. However, the injuries allowed him to continue his adventure.

All the champions of the 2021 Dakar Rally

The consistency and speed despite the pain that the pain was incredible, was one of the fundamental pillars of the victory that Kevin achieved this Friday. The Argentine became the first representative of his country to win the Motorcycle category, and the second in this edition together with Manuel Andújar, who did it on Quads. After the victory, the Argentine wrote for his fans and showed how tough a Dakar is.

«The most difficult race»

“I am the new champion of the Dakar 2021!” start your text on social media. Wow, what an amazing race! The hardest that I had to run. Today’s stage was incredibly difficult, I was running third, so I knew I had to go out and defend myself. At KM 14 I made a small mistake, I lost a little time, but I kept pushing, ”he says.

“It was an incredible race until the last minute, where at the end I was able to let go and cry from the excitement of achieving this victory. I prepared not a whole year, if not a lifetime to achieve this. I’m really happy, I can’t find the words to explain what I feel. I want to thank all the people who were supporting me. I still do not fall that is real. I am enjoying this moment and I send a big greeting to all of you. Thank you! “, The Argentine wrote in his social networks.

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