Óscar de la Hoya, the singer, and the day he was nominated for a Grammy

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Óscar de la Hoya, el cantante, y el día que lo nominaron al Grammy

At the end of the year 2000, Oscar de la Hoya had lost some of the invincible aura of Golden boy With which he had built his boxing career, and to reinforce his popularity, he decided to become a singer by releasing an album that reached an award nomination Grammy.

On October 10, 2000, four months after suffering the second defeat of his career against Shane mosley, the album came out Oscar de la hoya under a homonymous title, and with the endorsement of the label EMI Latin.

Those were the times when the Latin touch, and all its aesthetics, were fashionable in the popular culture of the United States. Ricky Martin I was on the horns of the moon all over the world with the record Livin ‘la Vida Loca, which had come out in 1999, and all the labels were looking for the new Latin icon to do business. And who better than a figure who was already known by the US market, but with an undoubtedly Latino profile, such as Oscar de la hoya.

And so, Oscar de la hoya, the boxer who had already won titles in four different divisions, ventured into show business, along with the ring. As he has stated on several occasions, he did it as a tribute to his mother, Cecilia de la Hoya, who was a professional singer.

His mother died of breast cancer, before seeing him succeed, but she left that taste for music in him since he was a child. Own Oscar He assures that he liked to sing in the shower since he was a child, and that is why he always had the interest of entering the musical world. This was revealed in an interview for Sports Illustrated.

From the pot got that Rudy perez was the producer of his debut album, a character with vast experience in Latin music. He composed songs, and produced material for countless Latin music stars, such as Cristina Aguilera, Julio Iglesias, Luis Miguel, Alejandro Sanz, Marc Anthony, among others.

The album titled Oscar de la hoya, was edited by EMI International and featured 13 tracks written by Diane warren and the Bee gees (Barry Gibb, Maurice Gigg and Robin gibb) and was released on October 10, 2000.

I mean, what Oscar He came out with a powerful backup device. They sought to immediately turn him into a star that shines on stage with even greater force than he did on the ring.

One hit wonder

From this album, the song stood out ‘Come to me’, an adaptation of Rudy perez of ‘Run to me’ of the Bee gees. Surprisingly, the theme, with the voice of the Golden boy climbed to # 1 on the magazine’s charts Billboard Hot Latin Tracks (today Hot Latin Songs) in 2000. In addition to the video clip was also a success having Oscar with the singer Natalia Jiménez.

Óscar de la Hoya and the Grammy nomination

The success of the album Oscar on the charts in the United States, they would lead to the greatest achievement of his short singing career. The disc Oscar de la Hoya, was nominated among the candidates to win the award for the best Latin Pop album of the year 2000. The award was given in the 43rd edition of the Grammy which was held in February 2001.

In the contest for the best Latin Pop album award in 2001, they were Shakira and his disk MTV Unplugged; Alejandro Sanz, withThe soul to air; Oscar de la hoya, with his self-titled album Oscar de la hoya; Christina Aguilera, with My reflection; and Luis Miguel, with Alive.

In the end, it was Shakira who took the award home.

In the video below, you can see the nominations, where it appears Oscar de la hoya, and the award to Shakira.

Oscar de la hoya did not win the Grammy, but later jokingly said that the award had been stolen in an interview with Sports Illustrated that you can see here.

While, Oscar He did not have the talent of a professional singer, he did have a good voice to liven up the parties. He liked to show that talent on television shows where he could try to win over the audience in a different way than in the ring.

So it happened in the Cristina Saralegui Show, where he ventured to sing the ranchera ‘Amor de los dos’.

Goodbye to the singing and back to boxing

At the end of the day, that’s where the singer’s side of Oscar. He ended up leaving the recording studios to get back into boxing one hundred percent.

Even years later, his rivals wanted to intimidate him, reminding him of his past in music. So did the controversial Nicaraguan Ricardo Mayorga placeholder image in 2006, when the fight to be held in May began to heat up. In the promo for the battle he yelled at his rival: “Here you are not going to sing like a fag. This is boxing. “

In the end, From the pot dethroned Mayorga when the referee stopped the fight in the sixth round, due to the beating they were giving the Nicaraguan. And so he regained the super welterweight world title of CMB.

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