Surprising! Kevin Magnussen announced the birth of his daughter and released a particular detail

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Kevin Magnussen

The 2020 season marked the end of the career in the Formula 1 for Kevin Magnussen. The Danish culminated in the team Haas a career that began in 2014, in the team Mclaren and that in his first race he got the only podium. However, the great victory of these years occurred this Monday, with the birth of the pilot’s first daughter.

Kevin Magnussen was waiting for a flight to the United States, where he will participate in the historical 24 Hours of Daytona. However, he had to put everything off as his wife went into labor unexpectedly. The date indicated for the birth of Laura, his first daughter, was in 7 weeks.

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Laura did not want to wait and this Friday she was born. The Dane did not miss the opportunity to show fans his daughter. With an emotional message, Magnussen broke the news. “This Monday, Louise and I welcomed our little daughter into the world. It is an incredible feeling to be a father. Laura was born seven weeks earlier than expected, so we are in the hospital with her to make sure she will be strong and healthy when she gets home, ”Magnussen explained.

Although this is a unique moment for the pilot, in his message on Instagram, he explained that he will not be able to spend much longer with Laura and his wife, since he will have to take his flight to the United States and compete in the first challenge of the year. “I’m going to the United States on Saturday and it’s going to be tough, but I’m looking forward to being there and fighting for my second win of 2021,” said the Dane.

Magnussen in 2020

The results of the last season did not accompany Kevin Magnussen. In 2020, his final season in Formula 1 and with the Haas team, he was ranked 10th best in Hungary. Your partner, Romain grosjean he came in ninth at the Eifel Grand Prix. Starting in 2021, Mick schumacher and Nikita Mazepin they will be in the American structure.

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