Very hard! Valtteri Bottas again fired at the media: “I’m not like Rosberg”

Valtteri Bottas

Valtteri Bottas had a 2021 to forget. At the controls of the best car on the grid Formula 1 could not achieve the title. However, by his side he had a tough nut to crack as is his teammate Lewis Hamilton. Criticisms of the Finn were present throughout the season. Many point out that Bottas is not up to the task of going head-to-head with Hamilton.

However, this angers Bottas more and more. The Finn spoke again about his performance and assured that it is not in his mind to distance himself from his teammate, how he did it Nico Rosberg. The German had a very complicated relationship with Sir Lewis, whom he finally defeated in the 2016 season. Such was the wear and tear caused by the fight, that he decided to withdraw from the competition that year.

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The Finn gave an interview to the outlet ‘Motorsport Total’ and commented that he will not take the same path as Rosberg to fight for the title, as he has a good relationship with Hamilton. “There were many who asked me to become a Nico Rosberg, but I am not like him. I prefer to speak on the track and for both drivers to be able to compete fairly. Also, I know Lewis and I know there would be no advantage in trying to get into mind games with him. I even think he would get angry and go even faster.


On the other hand, Bottas confirmed that having a good relationship helped the results he obtained Mercedes over the last few years. «Our strength is that we can work as a team. We can ride and fight hard or we can stay where we are. We know the team will benefit if we work together. We do not hide settings, data or anything, “he added.


Finally, Bottas assured that this year will be the last opportunity he will have to show that he is up to the fight with his teammate. «In Formula 1 there are not a million opportunities. I don’t have 15 seasons to beat Lewis, I know I have to try this year. I’m willing to try something different, maybe it’s time to dare to do it, “said the Finn.

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