Who? Boca’s fanatic driver who became champion of the Dakar Rally

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He Dakar Rally it is full of representatives who bring their particularity to the cars, motorcycles or quads they use. Many add a flag of the country they represent or a design of their own that interests them. However, there was one who stood out from the beginning of the test for his fanaticism for football, precisely because Mouth, the club of his loves.

The Argentinian Manuel Andújar he established himself for the first time in his sporting career as champion of the Dakar Rally in Quads. A native of Lobos, in the province of Buenos Aires and a fan of Boca Juniors, Andújar took advantage of the abandonment of his compatriot Nicolas Cavigliasso to take first place in the general table and not drop it until the end of the test.

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The Argentine achieved two victories in the different stages of the race and took more than half an hour from the second classified, the Chilean Giovanni enrico. Andújar is the fourth representative from Argentina to win the ATVs. In 2010, 2013 and 2016 he succeeded Marcos Patronelli. His brother Alejandro did it in 2011 and 2012, while in 2019 Nicolás Cavigliasso did the same.

Andújar had the support of Boca Juniors to carry out this edition of the Dakar. So much so, that before starting the test, he always showed himself with a cap with the colors of the riverside club, and both on his helmet and on his quad he proudly wore the shield. Manuel has been a member of Boca since he was three years old and the club joined as a sponsor of the vehicle.

“I have no words”

Once he arrived at the Bivouac of the test and when it was known that he was the winner of the most difficult race in the world, Andújar could not contain his tears. “It was a long time, a lot of work. Happy to be here, to have won this Dakar. The truth was that it was very hard but I am very excited, very happy. It is my fourth Dakar and to be able to take the victory for Lobos, the truth is that I have no words to show what is happening to me now, “said the Argentine.

Winning, winning was the only thing I thought about and also about my family, my friends and all the support they always gave me, my team, and that I had to do it for them. The whole Dakar was really difficult, from day one, day two I had a puncture. We try to do a smart Dakar with a head.

Dakar Rally
Profile of Manuel Andújar on the official website of the Dakar Rally

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