The day that Argentine TV interviewed Látigo Coggi in the bus line without knowing that he was the great former world champion

El día que la TV argentina entrevistó al Látigo Coggi en la fila del colectivo sin saber que era el gran ex campeón mundial

In the mid 90’s, Juan Martín “Látigo” Coggi He enjoyed the popularity and idolatry of the Argentine people, but time relegated him to anonymity to the point that a television channel that covered a public transport strike interviewed him in the bus line without knowing who he was.

He Coggi whip he was three times world champion in the super lightweight division in the mid-90s. First, he was crowned in Italy in 1987, he made four defenses, including a victory against the great Mexican Jose Luis Ramirez until he lost the title. He recovered it in 1993, and made six more defenses, until losing it in 1994 with Frankie randall. He beat Randall the rematch, regaining the belt for the third time, and lost it again against the same Randall in a third fight in 1996.

The reporter who did not recognize Látigo Coggi

The passage of time is disfiguring the memory of former world champions, once famous, who over the decades return to be ordinary people. Late-model sports cars become the collective again.

And there, one day, queuing up to get on the bus, Argentine television met Juan Martin Coggi, without knowing what he was Whip Coggi.

Channel 9 sent to the notera Viviana Toledo to carry out live coverage of one of the many stoppages of public transport in Argentina. After making the opening cap for the story, the journalist looked for a passenger to give her testimony. He took one at random among those who were waiting for a bus on line 45 that would allow him to replace the train route.

He began to ask the passenger his opinion about the situation, where he was going. “I’m going to the gym,” replied that passenger. “I’m a gym coach.”

Toledo He did not recognize the great champion, affected by the mundane situations of life, by those things that affect a person in his daily life, and not an elite athlete who achieved glory and luxury in his prime.

Coggi He picked up his pace, not bothering to reveal his identity. He was more concerned about being able to get on a unit of the bus that had just arrived.

From the study, in the live report, the drivers had recognized the Whip.

“Viviana, let’s not let this person go,” they told the reporter from the study. “It has a resemblance to Coggi. This person you interviewed has a strong resemblance very similar to the Coggi whip. We were in doubt if it really was. “

They asked the reporter to look for him again, and get on the bus in search of the great Whip Coggi. Finally, the reporter goes and locates him. Coggi He smiles, not because they recognized him, but because he has been able to find a place to sit comfortably on the bus.

Nobody forgot Juan Martín “Látigo” Coggiwhose name was punched into the retina of fans and in boxing books. Nor should the ignorance of the chronicler be judged, because no one is obliged to know about boxing.

What can be said is that the anecdote served to illustrate what many former world boxing champions go through, decades after their glory years. They go back to being real, anonymous people, who deal with everyday life.

Their names and nicknames stay on the books, on BoxRec, in the memories. Those champions, they are again Juan Martin, the old man who gets on public transport every day to go to the gym where he works.

The story of Juan Martín Coggi

When a boxer reaches the position of world champion, fame and all the pomp do not wait. And more with a fighter like Coggi, who during the first half of the 90s reigned in the super lightweight division, for the AMB, at the same time as the Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez reigned for him CMB. A time of glory for Latin American boxing in the category. With Chavez, Coggi shared a common villain, Frankie randall. The American dethroned Chavez in January 1994, and then to Coggi in September.

The oversized affection, the excessive flattery and the honeys of popularity, give the appearance of sensations and even unwanted characters. It is imprecise to say that Juan Martin Coggi He suffered from the so-called “friends of the champion”, those who are only there to enjoy the victories, and take advantage of the benefits.

TO Whip He always had plenty of recognition from the people, who gave him their support in every fight. Still retired, who once knew how to be a superlight monarch was, is and will be venerated by his people.

Coggi reigned at 140 pounds of the World Boxing Association, reaped 75 victories, 44 by knockout, five defeats and two draws. He was loved by his own and others.

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