Very hard! Lewis Hamilton received a strong criticism in the middle of the negotiations: “Everyone is replaceable”

Lewis Hamilton

The novel of the contract of renewal of Lewis Hamilton and the team Mercedes continues adding chapters. After several twists and turns, there are still no decisions by either of the two protagonists of the story. However, both will have to make decisions in the coming weeks as the date of the preseason tests begins to approach.

Formula 1 will begin with the first date at the Bahrain circuit on March 28. However, a few weeks before the teams must say present at the tests. That is why Hamilton and Mercedes should have a response to the category and the fans before the test date in Bahrain.

What will happen? Despair in Formula 1 for possible cancellations

This Saturday, Hamilton received a harsh criticism from Eddie jordan. The Irishman, former driver, journalist and team leader of the team JordanHe assured that if he had been in charge of the negotiations between the British and the German team, he would not have had so much patience. In addition, he remembered a hard moment that he had to go through.

The former team chief said that according to his sources, Hamilton wants to make bigger decisions in the team in the future. This did not please Jordan, who confessed what he would do if he were in Daimler, the Mercedes automaker. “I just heard that Lewis wants more than Mercedes is willing to pay. It’s also about sharing the team’s income and having an influential role in the Mercedes group. If I were the boss of Daimler, I would show him the door: either you drive according to our conditions or you leave »

Ayrton senna

To close, Jordan recalled what he had to experience the day of the death of Ayrton senna, claiming that Hamilton should have it as a teaching. I’d also tell Lewis what he said Bernie ecclestone (former head of the Formula 1) after Ayrton Senna’s death: Even if Bernie was shocked and sad like everyone else, he was the first to regain his composure and told us, ‘Now stop whining: Everyone is replaceable.’ Lewis should know that by now

Eddie Jordan with Michael Schumacher. Source: Formula 1

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