Maravilla Martínez wants two more fights in 2021 and then go over Murata’s title

Maravilla Martínez quiere dos peleas más en 2021 y luego ir sobre el título de Murata

Sergio “Wonder” MartinezOne month after his 46th birthday, he assured that he wants to fight in April 2021, and then between June and August of this year, and then seek the world middleweight championship.

In recent weeks there have been major changes in the AMB relative to the middleweight division. He Canelo vacated the category’s super belt, and Ryota murata, formerly regular champion, was promoted to super champion. Wonder Martinez He is the fifth-ranked in the body at 160 pounds.

“I must go my way as if nothing had happened,” he said Wonder Martinez in interview with Telam on his plans for 2021. “I want to do a fight in April, another between June and August, win both and see where I stand. The most important thing is to feel that I have earned the chance. Then we will see who the champion is by then ”.

Regarding possible rivals, he indicated that he has not yet defined them.

“There is no name yet. In fact, right now I am looking and it is getting more and more upset to find possible rivals that adapt in every way ”.

Martinez is emphatic that what happened at 160 pounds has not changed his plans.

“To me about Murata nothing changes me, “he mentioned Wonderful. “I have to keep working in the same way. I have to keep improving, making my way, accumulating filming, gaining experience. Follow where I come from. Later, when I feel ready to go for the title, I don’t know if Murata he will continue to be the champion ”.

While Wonderful wants to continue his way back to boxing in the start of 2021, he knows that Murata expose his title before facing him.

“I think that, from things I read, in theory Murata is negotiating a defense with the English Conor benn“, Explained Martinez. “And there he has a brave fight. Benn will be world champion. It comes in handy, undefeated. He will be champion in not too long, with Murata or whoever it was ”.

The Argentine comes from defeating by technical knockout Jussi Koivula on December 19, 2020 and previously defeated by knockout Jose Miguel Fandino on August 21, 2020.

Martinez He retired during professional boxing for six years, after on June 7, 2014 he faced the Puerto Rican Miguel Cotto, who was left with the victory by unanimous decision. Since then, the Albiceleste boxer remained out of the strings and returned in 2020 with two fights that took place in Spain.

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