The reasons De La Hoya can beat Golovkin, according to Bernard Hopkins

Las razones por las que De la Hoya le puede ganar a Golovkin, según Bernard Hopkins

Bernard Hopkins think that Oscar de la hoya yes you can defeat Gennady Golovkin in a possible confrontation as you have proposed From the pot.

The president of GBP is preparing to return to the rings, after on December 6, 2008 he was defeated by Manny pacquiao by way of knockout.

“Why Oscar believe and know that you can defeat GGG? ”He explained Hopkins in an interview with Fight Hub. “Why GGG it deteriorates every year. What always remains is his punch. And although (Óscar) is going to be swimming among sharks until the campaign sounds, the 12th round will come and it’s over ”.

Golovkin had his last fight on December 18 against Kamil Szeremeta who he defeated by arrest receiving good reviews from the press. However, Hopkins was not very impressed with the demonstration of GGG.

Golovkin is deteriorating, it was even seen in his last fight, “he explained Hopkins. “That fight fools some people in the know, but it doesn’t fool me. GGG it’s a future Hall of Fame, there’s no question. You have earned your position. But with an intelligent strategy, because he has fought with all styles, I have been there (in the ring) with the best talent, he can open the key and little by little, having the correct strategy and optimal conditioning with all his experience, Oscar wins by unanimous decision ”.

Even, Hopkins proposes a date for a fight between From the pot and Golovkin.

“Notify GGG that the fight is going to take place in September 2021, “he said. Hopkins about a possible date. “I am saying what I would like. I would like that Oscar fight in Texas. Let’s start telling this boyGolovkin) by September 21. Obviously, he (From the pot) is working hard now. I can’t reveal how strong, but it’s working. We are going for the 21 and in September ”.

Sexy combat

Though Oscar de la hoya He hasn’t fought for over 12 years Bernard Hopkins considered that if he wants to return he needs to be against a rival by name and affirmed that a fight against Gennady Golovkin would leave a big bag.

“This fight sells. Oscar it’s a brand ”, he explained Hopkins. “You can love it or hate it, but this fight sells. But it has to be a priority in his heart and soul that this fight should be his biggest focus in his life and career at this point. I will support this fight, without a doubt ”.

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