Tom Brady’s Tampa Buccaneers advance to Conference finals after beating New Orleans Saints

Tampa Buccaneers

The Tampa buccaneers they defeated the New Orleans Saints 30-20 in what was the Saints’ third loss to this rival of the season. This was the last game of the Divisional Round of the NFL Playoffs, in what was an exciting match for all the fans. Drew brees played what could have been his last NFL game, while Tom brady led the Buccaneers.

The Florida team will meet next weekend for the conference title against the Green Bay Packers, who beat the Los Angeles Rams on Saturday 32-18. Brady completed 18 of 33 passes for 199 yards and two touchdowns to win the game from fellow Saints Drew Brees, who was 19 of 34 with 134 yards and a touchdown. The winner of six Super Bowls with New England, he has already had two wins in these playoffs with his new team, Tampa Bay.

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At the end of the first two quarters they were 13 equal, in an interesting match, fought and matched. The Buccaneers defense showed good fortitude in the second half and forced Brady to suffer three exchanges. The fourth quarter started tied at 20, but a very good interception from Devin White began to sentence the game, as Brady had a gift on the Saints offense. With no steals in favor, the Saints were unable to strike to gain the advantage over Tampa Bay.

Now we will have to wait if Brees confirms that this was their last meeting, in what will be a break from the transitional season. Taysom Hill is likely to get a good chance with Brees’ possible departure. On the Tampa Bay side, now they are going to prepare the trip to face the Green Bay Packers. In case of surpassing those led by Aaron Rodgers, Tampa Bay will become the first team to play the Super Bowl in its own stadium.

Tom Brady, meanwhile, would be reaching his 10th Super Bowl in his career if he did. The Buccaneers had not reached the Conference Finals since 2002, when they were champions. Now they must face the Green Bay Packers in a great challenge at Lambeau Field, against one of the league’s possible MVPs, Aaron Rodgers. For his part, everything seems to indicate that in the next few hours Drew Brees will announce his retirement.

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