Adrien Broner promises a new version of himself, and to be champion again in 2021

Adrien Broner promete nueva versión de sí mismo, y volver a ser campeón en 2021

Adrien broner He says he plans to fight three times this year at 140 pounds and will be crowned world champion again in 2021.

“The way I feel, and the way I see myself sparring, probably in my next fight I could be world champion again,” he said. Broner in interview for Last Stand Podcast with Brian custer. “Definitely, they will see me at PPV functions this year and I will look good.”

Adrien broner says he will fight at 140 pounds in 2021, but that he may even drop to 135.

“Right now, my weight is low,” he said. Broner. “I can do 140 pounds next week, and I can do 135 the next. But I think I’ll fight at 140. I’ll try to fight three times at 140 pounds this year, all at 140. “

Adrien bronerA former four-division world champion, he doesn’t feel finished.

“I’m only 31, how can I be finished?” He said Broner. “I’ve done a lot in this sport at a very young age, and it seems like I’ve been in it forever. I am very young, I have not received much punishment. I have a lot more boxing in me ”.

The problem wants in this new phase of his career, to see a Broner different, to throw more blows on the ring.

“I think I’ll be more evil,” he said Broner. “We’ll see it that night, but the things that I’ve worked on in the gym, and the way I’ve looked, it’s going to be a great show.”

Though Broner was already scheduled to fight on February 13 against Miguel Campa, the rival fell due to a case of Covid 19 in his team, and he has not been able to find a replacement rival. However, Broner believes that the rival is the least.

“I don’t think the important thing is the rival of Broner“, said The problem. “Fans, even those who dislike me, just want to see Adrien broner, and let it be the Adrien broner always. Get in shape and be the old man again AB. I think that is also why I want to go back, and on February 13 everyone will see it ”.

In the two years of absence from boxing that he lived Adrien broner, he was involved in all kinds of legal problems and debts. And the fighter assures that that was due, in part, to a depression problem.

“It was bad to wake up, and you didn’t eat,” he remembers Broner. “As soon as you had slept, you woke up, and the first thing you did was make yourself a drink, and then that drink took you to another, and another, and suddenly you saw and it was already 10:30 at night again, and it was Time to go to the disco, and spend 10, 15, 20 thousand dollars. And the next day you woke up and the same thing. It was depressing, and a vicious cycle hard to break, but I did it. “

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