Bautista Agut first complained and later retracted

The Spanish Roberto Bautista qualified some of his statements, and among them the phrase “it’s like being in prison but with Wi-Fi” when he referred to the current situation faced by players who are confined to their hotels and undergoing quarantine in Melbourne.

“I want to apologize to all the people who have been offended by the video that has been published about me recently” Bautista says in a statement, in which he warns that “it is a private conversation taken out of context, which has unfortunately been disseminated to the media without my being aware or having my consent.”

A source from the player’s environment contacted by EFE has ensured that the conversation “It was totally private and with an acquaintance, outside the media”, and that Roberto “did not even know that he was being recorded.”

“Both my coach and I are following the protocols designed by him Australian Government and Tennis Australia to avoid any contagion and guarantee to return to compete with maximum safety, “says Bautista in the note.” These are hard times for athletes and for society in general, “he continues.

“I am grateful to all the people who are making racing again possible. As well as all those who fight against Covid-19 on a daily basis. The management that has been made in Australia to prevent the spread of the virus is admirable “, the note ends.