Nikita Mazepin took aim at the critics and defended the Russian pilots: “I’m not surprised”

Nikita Mazepin

In recent months, Nikita Mazepin was involved in one of the biggest scandals of the last years in the Formula 1. He Russian shared a video in which you can see how he groped a woman’s chest in a sports car, while on vacation in Dubai. From there, Mazepin stepped into the eye of the storm again and again.

From withering criticism to boycott campaigns. That had to go through the Russian who will debut this year in the highest category of World motorsport., In addition, he will do so hand in hand with Haas, beside Mick schumacher in the box. Despite being criticized, the young driver is not afraid of being back in the spotlight. This time he accused that those of his country are very targeted.

Who? The son of a Formula 1 star started his career with a victory

Mazepin spoke to the media ‘Match TV’ and left very controversial phrases. “All those who came before me were good professionals, but some of the things that were said about them were not deserved. But this is how life works. The fact that Russians are treated differently does not surprise me, “he said. Before Mazepin, Vitaly Petrov, Daniil kvyat and Sergey sirotkin it was the Russians who were in the category.


On the other hand, the new Haas team driver commented that since his arrival in Formula 1, everyone has pointed at him. “I think it is difficult that there is a Russian pilot who has caused such a stir and who has been as hated as me. Am I ready for this? Well, it is part of life. If you want to run, you have to face something like that.


Finally, the Russian commented that despite the obstacles he will seek his best results in his debut in the category. «For me it is about sport. I don’t care what happens off the track. My job is to do my best and beat my teammate. You always have pressure. I think I’m ready for Formula 1 and I will show it to my team, “he said.

Source: Haas

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