What it takes to own one of Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s boxing gyms

Lo que necesitas para ser dueño de uno de los gimnasios de boxeo de Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Since its launch in July 2018, the boxing gym franchise chain from Floyd mayweather jr has grown rapidly with more than 100 franchises currently in development, under the concept and brand Mayweather Boxing + Fitness.

According, James Williams, CEO of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, about 70 percent of the general public knows or knows who he is Floyd, which in turn gives it a huge competitive advantage against other gyms. In addition, he pointed out in an interview with Forbes that the growth of the franchise is due to the fact that the training routines that are available to gym members are the same as those followed by their own Mayweather to prepare for their fights.

What does it take to own a Mayweather gym franchise?

Floyd mayweather promises investors that they will have the opportunity to open a new study of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness for $ 200,000. And furthermore, also turn your own existing fitness business into a studio of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness starting at about 70,000 US dollars.

“Our goal is to have studies Mayweather Boxing + Fitness in neighborhoods around the world, providing fitness programs for anyone who wants to train more effectively, ”he said Mayweather to the HCM site.

What’s it like to train at Mayweather Boxing and Fitness?

Own Mayweather, supported by experts in group fitness, they adapted the boxing workouts he did throughout his career for the gym market. Through those trainings, members achieve better results over time and get a little bit of the brand. Mayweather.

Gyms have a great investment in technology, since in addition to all the characteristic gym equipment they also have a virtual reality product. In this mode, members can virtually train with the same Floyd mayweather, where it feels like he’s personally teaching them to box.

In addition, they have their own fitness app, which is a valuable tool for members, as well as allowing them to train at home on days when they can’t go to the gym.

For James Williams, CEO of Mayweather Boxing + Fitness, the brand Mayweather has great power among those interested in the gym.

“The brand Mayweather it’s a big part of that, ”he explains Williams in interview for Global Franchise Magazine. “Our members are genuinely inspired and motivated to be part of the Team Mayweather. Most of our members wear clothing Mayweather when they come to train, and they are given t-shirts that say Team Mayweather, which is a very good, very powerful and very motivating symbol that we can offer them, and that is a converter of purchase and emotion for our members ”.

Training programs

Box Circuit – HIIT (high intensity interval training): You will go through 8 boxing and fitness interval stations that will increase your heart rate and improve your fitness in just 45 minutes.

Box Circuit Power: Focused on power that takes you through 8 stations of powerful boxing workouts and strength-focused fitness exercises. Throughout this 45-minute class, you will develop boxing power, strength, and muscular endurance.

Championship Boxing: This 60-minute hybrid class will perform 2 circuits of boxing and fitness stations that focus on speed and power.

Floyd’s Bagwork: It is a class on the fundamental boxing technique of Floyd that will allow you to sharpen your boxing skills, learn and train some of the most iconic combinations in the boxer’s career.

Who are the coaches?

All are commanded by Floyd Mayweather Sr., who is dedicated to giving members in-depth knowledge about hand positioning, footwork, movement, above the ring, among many other things.

In the same way they are, Jeff Mayweather, what combines boxing and MMA. Dewey Cooper, a member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and one of the most sought after MMA, Boxing and Kickboxing coaches today. Eddie mustafa muhammad, legendary Hall of Fame coach, was one of the close friends and training partners of Muhammad Ali.

Otis Pimpleton Jr., is a coach in the promoter of Mayweather, who works with several of the top-rated prospects on TMT’s list. Nate vasquez, he works with various TMT boxers, as well as mixed martial artists.

How many locations does Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s gyms have?

The boxing gym franchise chain of Floyd Mayweather Jr. So far it has 20 locations in the United States. Most of them are in California, where it has headquarters in Los Angeles, Hollywood, Pasadena, Torrance, Rancho Cucamonga; it has three in Florida, two in New York, and the rest are in different cities such as Kansas City, Chicago River North, Nashville, Douglasville, Atlanta, Miami, Tennessee.

In addition, there are several dozen stores under development, soon to open.

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