Make it to the Conference Final? The progress of Patrick Mahomes’ recovery

Make it to the Conference Final?  The progress of Patrick Mahomes' recovery

Kansas City Chiefs live a moment of tension due to the strong blow to the head that the quarterback took, Patrick Mahomes in the Divisional Round game against the Cleveland Browns. The quarterback retired from the game in the third quarter, and the franchise has activated the protocol of care for concussion. However, the indications are positive for a possible appearance in the End of Conference from to AFC.

Patrick Mahomes recovers quickly

They have not been quiet days within the Chiefs after the game against the Browns. The protocol of concussion it can take up to 10 days, and nervousness about not having Patrick Mahomes for the game for the pass to the Super Bowl is latent. However, there is some optimism in the franchise environment heading into the Buffalo Bills game.

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Sources close to Chiefs They announced last Monday that the quarterback had made significant progress after the blow suffered at Arrowhead Stadium the day before. However, the protocol for this type of case is strict, and must be completely overcome in order to confirm their presence in the match by the End of Conference.

At the moment, the field strategist of the Chiefs He is rapidly skipping steps of the protocol, and could train this Wednesday. The NFL Allows concussed players to train differently if they progress positively with that protocol. This would be an important step for the meeting next Sunday.


Bills coach Sean McDermott was questioned about his preparation based on the condition of Patrick Mahomes. He stated that they are preparing to face both him and his replacement, Chad Henne. “We have work to prepare. We certainly have a lot of respect for Patrick and how he plays the sport and what it adds to his offense. But, as they saw with the weapons they have and the system that Andy runs, I think Henne came in and did a very good job and won the game for them, there. So we have a lot of work ahead of us as a team, and in this case our defense, to prepare.

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