What happened? Lando Norris ended his quarantine, but cannot return to the UK

Lando Norris

Lando norris He was on vacation in Dubai two weeks ago after a long season in which he obtained his first podium in the Formula 1. However, not everything was good. During his stay, the Briton lost his taste and smell, so he had to undergo a coronavirus test (COVID-19) which finally tested positive.

Hello everyone, I hope you are well. Yesterday I lost my sense of taste and smell. I immediately isolated myself and took a test. It has been positive, so I have communicated to everyone I have been in contact with and will isolate myself for the next 14 days. I feel fine and have no other symptoms, but I just wanted to let everyone know. Take care “, wrote at that time the pilot of Mclaren.

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After two weeks of strict quarantine and constant check-ups, Lando Norris has finished his period of contagion and is finally ready to go home and prepare to be at McLaren’s orders. However, he still cannot take the relevant flight and will have to remain isolated for a few more days to confirm the negative.

According to the official Formula 1 website, Lando Norris’ is scheduled to fly home to the UK later this week after completing his quarantine in Dubai following his positive test for Covid-19, McLaren has confirmed F1. com. Norris headed to Dubai on vacation before a planned training camp and underwent a coronavirus test after losing his taste and smell. He returned a positive result, which means he had to isolate himself for the next 14 days at his hotel. That period came to an end on Monday, ”the statement details.


Norris is not the first infected in the Formula 1 paddock. The first to have the virus was the Mexican, Sergio Perez, who eventually missed two races on the season. Later, Lance Stroll and Lewis Hamilton they accompanied Pérez. In recess, Charles Leclerc and Lando Norris were the infected, adding a total of four pilots.

Source: Lando Norris Official Twitter.

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