Will follow?  Aaron Rodgers puts himself in the eye of doubts: "My future is a beautiful mystery"

With the retirement of Philip Rivers, a Drew Brees in doubt and an unpredictable Tom Brady, the NFL seems to be going through a great generational change. A new quarterback of the old avant-garde has been put in the focus of doubts facing the end of the season: Aaron Rodgers. Marshal of Packers He acknowledged that his future is in the air, and it is unknown what will happen to him after the end of the season with 37 years.

Future uncertain for Aaron Rodgers

Aaron Rodgers has been largely responsible for Green bay packers was the best offense of the regular season. However, time is running out for the quarterback, and the franchise already has Jordan Love on the roster, a rookie aiming for the job. “I always try to stay in the present, especially this year, and enjoy the moment. I hope there are more opportunities, but I don’t know, really, I don’t know.

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That is out of my control. My future is a beautiful mystery. The present is a great gift to be in the moment and to be grateful for being in this situation again, with my teammates, for having fans in the stadium and maybe snow at an NFC Championship Game, “he added. It is not ruled out that the QB is living his last days in Green Bay, or even in the NFL.

The veteran put 100% of his concentration in the Conference Final, where he will have a tough challenge against Tom Brady’s Tampa Buccaneers. “Those things are really important to me, but everything else is something that I’m not going to focus on, because, for me, what happens in the future is a beautiful mystery. He will have to face that future. Now, I’m just going to enjoy the present.

Great time for the Packers

“A lot of people didn’t think we would come back after last season. We got interesting feedback about us being the worst 13-3 team that people had ever seen. Now the comments are not the same. Obviously, we are playing better on offense and I am really grateful to be back, grateful to have the opportunity to play »he concluded Aaron Rodgers before the press.

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