Overwhelming! Fernando Alonso answered the million dollar question, is he better than Hamilton?

Fernando Alonso

Many fans wonder who is the best driver of recent times in the Formula 1. One of the most important duels of the 2000 was the one they lived Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, especially in 2007. Although they were teammates, the pilots could not stand each other. Despite having the best car on the grid, they did not win the title, which was left to Kimi raikkonen.

This Thursday, Alonso made a broadcast for the WTF1 media, as part of the presentation of the 24 hours from LeMans virtual. The Spanish will share a team with Rubens Barrichello and Tony kanaan. However, the talk was based on the trajectory of the three pilots. Everything was normal, until I asked Alonso if he was better than Lewis Hamilton.

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“It’s hard”

While Alonso avoided objecting specifically, he used the 2007 season as an answer to the uncomfortable question. «It is difficult to compare times and drivers, even if they are in the same team, because you have to have all the ingredients together to give a fair answer. It is true that having the same car and the same team in a year is a good opportunity to compare two drivers. In the end, the score was 109-109 (in the championship). That is an answer, “he said.

On the other hand, Alonso regretted the lost championship in 2007, but assured that his grudges with Sir Lewis were in the past. «The luck factor is very important. I think Lewis suffered that bad entry to the pitlane in Shanghai, it was a bad moment for him. I had one of the most unfair sanctions. From pole, I went on to start 10th in Hungary. And if you lose the title by a single point, that hurts, and more for something like that. I’m happy to see Lewis’s current success. ‘

Finally, the two-time Formula 1 champion added that he can see that Hamilton is making merit to be considered among the best drivers in history. «In Formula 1 it is difficult to compare periods: (Ayrton) Senna, (Michael) Schumacher, Hamilton… they have all been great in their time, but you need to have a complete package with the car. Lewis has had it until now and is showing it, “he said to end.

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