Tremendous! Esteban Ocon spoke of the return of Fernando Alonso: «It seems that he is 20 years old»

Fernando Alonso

The team Alpine will have one of the most complete squads in the paddock of the Formula 1. From this season it will have Esteban Ocon and Fernando Alonso in their cars. The French structure arrives with a new name, new colors and a new rider. However, Ocon assures that the Spaniard arrives at his best on the grid this year.

The Frenchman gave an interview to the Spanish medium ‘Marca’, from the Monte Carlo Rally, where he had a participation in the first day to open the car caravan. Ocon spoke wonders of his new partner and highlighted the physical condition with which he arrives at Formula 1, after competing in several categories since 2018, his last full season.

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«Fernando will be a great rival and I am going to give it my all, but in the end we work together so that the team gets as many points as possible. Fernando is perfectly capable of starting fully prepared. You have done many tests that will help you be more prepared. He has always continued to drive and has kept fit. It seems that he is still 20 years old, so he will be prepared from the first moment, “said Ocon.


On the other hand, Ocon commented that he was a big fan of Formula 1 from previous years. However, he assured that he had no predilection for his new partner, if not for his great rival: Michael Schumacher. “We have been in contact for a long time even when he was out of the paddock, he is someone I respect a lot as a rider, with whom I have had many fights, everything is fine. I was more of a Schumacher fan, yes, “he said with a laugh.

Despite that, the Frenchman clarified that his relationship with the Asturian is the best and praised his figure, commenting on what it meant to him. “My respect for him is massive, without a doubt, but the two of them, Fernando and Michael, put the love of motoring inside me. And now it turns out that I’m going to fight with your son (Mick schumacher), it’s crazy, but it’s wonderful, “he added to finish.

Ocon and Alosno Source: GPToday

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