Decisive game: What is Aaron Rodgers at stake in the Conference Final?

Decisive game: What is Aaron Rodgers at stake in the Conference Final?

This Sunday the Conference Finals of the NFL, and there will be a stellar duel on the NFC between Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady. Green bay packers the conference title will be played with the Tampa Buccaneers, and the veterans will meet once again on the field. It will be a crucial game in the career of the local quarterback, who may be risking much more than a move to the Super Bowl.

Aaron Rodgers is, without a doubt, one of the best quarterbacks that the NFL in the last times. The quarterback has had an extraordinary season at age 37, and is a solid candidate for his third MVP this season. However, the veteran’s legacy leaves some outstanding debts, which can be paid off this Sunday.

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Big debt in the Super Bowl

With Rodgers in command of the offensive, Green bay packers has reached Conference Finals on 4 occasions in the last 7 years. These are truly impressive numbers, putting the outfield strategist shoulder to shoulder with great rivals in his position. However, the player only managed to reach 1 Super Bowl, and it was the one they won in 2010.

It is this that makes the leader of the Packers stay in the shadow of quarterbacks like Tom Brady. The current Buccaneers player and rival this Sunday has reached the all-time record of 9 Super Bowl appearances and 6 championship rings. Aaron Rodgers He will be measured against ‘TB12’ with the opportunity to give a blow of authority, and show that he is at the level of the great marshals of the XXI Century.

Packers backing Aaron Rodgers

The star receiver of the Packers, Devante Adams affirmed that the team will do everything so that his QB has the recognition of the NFL. “You see Brady and everyone always wants to make that comparison, but it basically turns to a quarterback statistic: the Super Bowls. If this is going to be the case, we are obviously going to do what we can to help you get there. In my head he’s the biggest, no matter how many Super Bowls he’s won.

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