On the verge of death! The tremendous confession about the accident of Romain Grosjean: “I could not bear it”

Romain Grosjean

Romain grosjean continues to suffer the effects of the tremendous accident that he had in the Bahrain Grand Prix. Although he continues to recover, the process to get back to his best condition is long, and he still shows his scars. However, many say that the result of the accident could have been much more serious than is thought.

The Frenchman only suffered burns to his hands and arm, and fortunately he got out of the match car on his own after the crash. However, in the last hours the president of the Pilots Association, Alexander Wurz. The Austrian gave details of what would have happened if there had been a wall, instead of the containment barriers.

Not suitable for impressionable! This is how Romain Grosjean’s hands remained almost two months after the accident

Former pilot of Formula 1 noted that the security measures worked properly. “At first glance, the fact that the protective barrier was split in two could seem catastrophic, but the way it absorbed the energy was probably also an important factor that could help Romain Grosjean not lose consciousness and only suffer minor injuries to his hands ».

The great deceleration suffered by single-seaters greatly affects the driver’s body. That is why Wurz said that if there was a wall, instead of the containment barrier, the accident could have been fatal for the pilot. “If there had been a concrete wall at that point in the route, the G-forces would have been so high that we don’t know if his heart and the rest of his organs could have supported it.”


A few weeks ago, Grosjean shared on his social networks the state of his hands after two months of the accident in Bahrain. «My hands are back and Petrus (his pet) is not very sad about it! The hand is still ugly, so don’t slide your finger to the right if you don’t feel like it, ”he highlighted on Instagram.

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